01 June 2006

MEChA's Taxpayer-Funded Madrassa

By Evelyn Waugh

In the big scheme of things, the tomfoolery of these reconquistadores is at best amusing. These intellectually shallow reconquistadores do not affect historical currents. They and their activities are mere insignificant sideshows as the world progresses into hyper-modernity. If any one, it will be the Chinese and the people of the Pac Rim region who will be setting very high standards for the global economy. And the Chinese do not brook mediocrity as the Americans had through affirmative action and similar programs.

Yet, it is disturbing and problematic that American taxpayers are funding an anti-American and anti-intellectual school. The link above mentions Marcos Aguilar, the principal of said madrassa.

Senor Aguilar was my contemporary at UCLA. While I was finishing a dual-degree program in four years' time, he was wrapping up his sixth year at UCLA pursuing the useful degree of Chicano/a Studies. From all accounts, he was a C- or D-student and radical Mechista.

Now through nepotism and favortism, Senor Aguilar is principal of a Mechista madrassa, making a six-figure salary, which he never would have attained in a free market economy. We have long known that nepotism and favortism are rampant in the public sector, but this case is simply over the top.

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