23 February 2008

OUTRAGE: Jorge y Laura Bush Dine on Fillet Mignon While Cottonwood Families Prepare for Heart-broken Funerals of Their Innocent Children!!!

Being so much too good for earth, Heaven vows to keep them

1 Weep with me, all you that read
2 This little story:
3And know, for whom a tear you shed
4 Death's self is sorry.
5'Twas a child, that so did thrive
6 In grace and feature,
7As heaven and nature seem'd to strive
8 Which own'd the creature.
9Years he number'd scarce thirteen
10 When fates turn'd cruel,
11Yet three fill'd zodiacs had he been
12 The stage's jewel;
13And did act (what now we moan)
14 Old men so duly,
15As, sooth, the Parcæ thought him one,
16 He play'd so truly.
17So, by error, to his fate
18 They all consented;
19But viewing him since (alas, too late)
20 They have repented;
21And have sought (to give new birth)
22 In baths to steep him;
23But being so much too good for earth,
24 Heaven vows to keep him.

From Ben Jonson's Epigrams: An Epitaph on S.P.
A Child of Queen Elizabeth's Chapel

Outrage: Illegal Alien (Again) Kills These Precious American Kids; Sick Liberals Celebrate Kids’ Deaths by Asking for More Illegal Aliens!!!!!!!!!!!!

Source: Michelle Malkin 2/23/08 PM

Authorities have confirmed that the the driver of the van that struck the school bus that killed 4 students on Tuesday is an illegal alien.

Officials at the Immigration and Customs Enforcement are checking to see where she came from and how long she’s been in Minnesota. FOX 9 has also learned that the name she gave to police, Alainiss Morales, is an alias.

23-year-old Alainiss N. Morales was taken into custody on suspicion of criminal vehicular operation. She was arrested by the State Patrol Thursday afternoon and is being held in Lyon County Jail. County Attorney Rick Maes told the Marshall Independent charges could come later Thursday or Friday…The van was driven by Alianiss N. Morales, 23, of Minneota. The Fox 9 Investigator found Morales pleaded guilty in Chippewa County in 2006 to driving without a valid license.

State Patrol officials said Thursday they were not immediately able to confirm if Morales was unlicensed, nor could they confirm whether Morales ran a stop sign. Lt. Mark Peterson said that was still under investigation, but that the investigation was “moving forward very quickly.”

The school bus was carrying 28 students. Cottonwood Fire Chief Dale Louluagie confirmed that 3 fatalities of the crash died immediately upon impact and the fourth victim died around 8 p.m. Tuesday night.

Flashback: Illegal Alien Killed Hollywood Director and Son

07 April 2007

Illegal Alien Killed Top Hollywood Director and Son

If illegal aliens can do this to the Hollywood elites with impunity, imagine what they can do to Joe Sixpack. We already know that illegal aliens account for about 30% of crimes in the United States--and perhaps even at higher rates in California! Bush, Pelosi, and Evita all want you killed by an illegal alien drunk or murderer, your daughter raped by illegal aliens and your parents robbed and shot by illegal alien muggers!


America's First Muslim President?

Source: Drudge Report, 2/25/08

It has only been 7 years since 9/11. (In fact, the event is so vivid in my mind that it is as if it took place only hours ago). And we are now poised to have the first Muslim president in the person of Barak Hussein Osama (BO).

Will he promulgate sharia law? Will he force womyn to wear burkas?

16 February 2008

This is Los Angeles Five Years From Now, Thanks to Mayor Tony “Homeboy” Villar

Tijuana, Mexico is over-run by gangs and drug lords. This is the fate of Los Angeles and San Diego in about five years’ time because Mexican reconquistadores, such as Mayor Tony "Homeboy" Villar, Assembly Speaker Fabian “Dimebag” Nunez, State Senate President Don “Gucci Bag” Peralta, L.A. County Supervisor Gloria “Cookie Monster” Molina, et al, are plotting to Mexicanize California.

Chi-Comms Hold on to $1.5 TRILLION in Foreign Currency Reserve While Their People Starve

For all the impressive economic gains – and they are spectacularly impressive – that China has made since 1984, it is still a country rife with extreme poverty. Not only is poverty a major social problem in the countryside where about 60% of the population live, but also in the urban areas where oases of excessive wealth cannot cover up manifest signs of poverty.

Yet, the Chi-Comms who hold about US $ 1.5 TRILLION *(yes, that’s twelve zeros!) in foreign currency reserve are not even spending, say US $100 billion (less than 10 percent), to alleviate poverty. No one is asking them to become spendthrift Americans. But hording so much money for a rainy day, when it is pouring outside, is outright indecent.

*Compare this reserve balance to the United States government’s total debt burden of about US $ 9.0 TRILLION (see FR’s entry on the US national debt clock)!!!

15 February 2008

Why Republicans Lost the 2006 Congressional Elections and Will Lose the 2008 Presidential Election

The road to a GOP minority
By George Will

LEE COUNTY, Fla. — Coconut Road near Fort Myers looks like any other concrete ribbon near housing developments, golf courses and shopping malls in this state's booming southwest. But like another fragrant slab of recent pork, the $223 million "Bridge to Nowhere" in Alaska, Coconut Road leads to somewhere darkly fascinating. It runs straight into Washington's earmark culture of waste, corruption and anti-constitutional deviousness.

Today the road ends at a chain-link fence, beyond which flows the river of traffic on Interstate 75. The earmark that would have built an interchange to connect Coconut Road to I-75 was, like the bridge, smudged with the fingerprints of Alaska's Republican Rep. Don Young, who was chairman of the House Transportation and Infrastructure Committee in 2005. But this story involves more than one political vulgarian's wretched excesses. It also illustrates how Republicans earned their most recent and coming drubbings.

On July 29, 2005, the House and Senate passed legislation granting Lee County's request for $10 million for "widening and improvements for I-75" to facilitate evacuations during hurricanes. But on Feb. 19, 2005, Young had been in Bonita Springs near Fort Myers, collecting $40,000 in campaign funds. The contributors included developer Daniel Aronoff, a prolific supporter of Republicans and owner of about 4,000 acres along Coconut Road. The value of that land would be enhanced if Coconut Road were connected to I-75 by an interchange that would be adjacent to 1,200 of Aronoff's acres.

When the legislation reached the president on Aug. 10, 2005, the language about widening I-75 had been mysteriously deleted and replaced by "Coconut Rd. interchange I-75/Lee County." So $10 million was to be spent for a project that neither the House nor the Senate voted for, that Lee County did not want, and that someone unknown wrote into the legislation. But the Constitution says: "Every bill . . . shall have passed the House of Representatives and the Senate" before it becomes law.

Young at first said that the local House member, Connie Mack, asked for the change. Mack denied that. In January 2006, Young, who subsequently changed his tune, warned Lee County that it could not spend the $10 million for the widening project it requested. Young says that local residents requested the interchange project instead. But many residents, not including the developers who are Young's benefactors, oppose it for environmental and traffic reasons.
There are two mysteries: Who surreptitiously perverted the will of Congress? And why is Congress not angry and eager to identify the culprit? It seems reasonable to suspect that the answer to the first question is: Young or an agent of his. The answer, or answers, to the second question probably is, or are: Because Young is powerful — and perhaps also because such violations of legislative due process have been committed on behalf of other members.

Fortunately, Senate rules enable an obdurate individual to force the institution to sit up and take notice. One such mechanism is a "hold," by which a senator can halt a bill. Freshman Sen. Tom Coburn is an Oklahoma Republican who happily has not learned the Senate ethic of playing nicely with others. He has put a hold on the bill that corrects technical problems in the 2005 highway bill.

On Dec. 18, Coburn announced that he would block that bill — and its slew of earmarks; that will get members' attention — if the bill "does not require a full and open investigation of the events leading up to the unauthorized revision of congressionally passed legislation." Coburn demands "a select committee, comprised of members of both the House and Senate," because "secret, improper and unauthorized changes to congressionally passed legislation call into question the integrity of our entire constitutional and legislative process."

Seven weeks have passed, and nothing has happened. Young, 74, one of whose former aides pleaded guilty to bribery charges involving the jailed lobbyist Jack Abramoff, is the subject of an FBI investigation concerning another matter and faces strong opposition to a 19th term. Recently two more House Republicans — the total is now 28 — announced their retirements, evidence that Republicans do not expect to soon end their minority status that began 17 months after the Coconut Road earmark alteration.

In his State of the Union address, President Bush vowed to veto any appropriation bill "that does not cut the number and cost of earmarks in half." Coburn tartly notes that although Congress hardly needs 5,500 earmarks — half of last year's total — the president's goal would be met if Republicans themselves quit earmarking. That fact goes far to explain the Republicans' current and future minority status.

14 February 2008

Weakened Western Powers Plead for China’s Assistance in Darfur

Putatively, Steven Spielberg’s withdrawal from the Chinese Olympics Organizing Committee as an artistic consultant stems from China’s reluctance “to do more” against the civil war in Darfur, the Sudan. The truth is that this second-rate American director has been overshadowed by the legendary Chinese director Zhang Yimou, who heads the production of the opening and closing ceremonies. Zhang Yimou’s eye for colour and acrobatics and his inimitable grasp of story-telling spook the bearded American. So the little American took his small marbles and went home.

More interestingly, this episode has underscored China’s position as the pre-eminent global power. The West is so weak militarily and economically that it has to solicit the People’s Republic’s assistance in order to quell the civil war in Darfur.

Mao was right; China has stood up. Qi lai!

13 February 2008

the economics of love

Reprinted with permission from Michael Henchard.

May 15, 2004

My friends don’t ever stop trying to set me up. It’s like they can’t stand seeing me happily single.

Over the weekend, I was introduced to a drop-dead gorgeous girl by naively officious friends. The woman is waay out of my league. She has the face and curves of an A&F model, and I have a face for radio.

So I have been thinking, which is always a bit dangerous. Why is a beautiful girl like her still single? The Efficient Market Theory (EMT) says that she should have been taken off the dating/marriage market by some millionaires or hot jocks a long time ago.

What does the market know about Miss Gorgeous that I don’t? Either she’s extremely difficult to get along with, or she may have mental or (invisible) physical defects. The EMT is rarely wrong about market conditions, and believe you me, the dating/marriage market is as robust as it gets, even more so than the stock market…

04 February 2008

Hillary: the One-Trick Pony

Photo source: The Drudge Report, 2/4/2008, P.M.

Losing momentum to Barak Hussein Osama, Hillary “Madam Nhu” Clinton reverted to the crying game, which she used effectively the night before the New Hampshire primary. And voila…she won New Hampshire.

Will it work in California? And in the other Super Tuesday states? We’ll see. But the crying game is a bit old and might we add lame…

03 February 2008

Fairbank Report Endorsements

For Immediate Release
Sunday, 3 February, 2008.

In terms of the Propositions on the ballot in California this time around, the Fairbank Report endorses a “NO” vote on all of them.

In light of our favorite candidate’s withdrawal (Fred Thompson), we endorse Governor Mitt Romney in order to stop the leftist extremism of John McCaine.