25 January 2007

3065 GIs KIA Since 2003; War Unwinnable; New Strategy Proposed Below

By Jonathan Fairbank, Editor-in-Chief

Like most Americans in 2003, I supported the war against Saddam Hussein's Iraq. Colin Powell's dog-and-pony show at the UN convinced me that we needed to rid Iraq of WMD.

By 2004, I still supported the war efforts even though the Iraq Survey Group, which was appointed by the Bush Administration, conclusively found that there was no WMD in Iraq. I believed, then, that Hussein could have used his oil wealth to pursue WMD and thence share these deadly weapons with Al-Qaeda. I supported Bush in the General Election of 2004.

By the summer of 2005, I was feeling queasy; yet, I was hoping for the best. I still supported the Administration's overall efforts in Iraq.

By late 2006, I have privately withdrawn support for the war. And now on the 25th day of 2007, I am publicly withdrawing my support for the war because it is unwinnable.

The Maliki government is weaker than the Weimar Republic and totally corrupt.

If we cannot quell the insurgency with the current force of 140,000 men on the ground, an additional "surge" of 21,000 men by Cartesian logic will not succeed in blunting the brutality of the present insurgency/terrorist campaigns.

The United States is caught between a rock and a hard place. Colin Powell was right when he said, "If you broke it; you own it." A withdrawal from Iraq will mean certain collapse of the Maliki government and result in an anti-Western Shiite government perhaps led by Moqatar Al-Sadir. Yet, remaining in Iraq will assuredly mean continued American casualties and sustained bleeding of the Treasury to the tune of $200 billion a year.

Reluctantly, I propose a quick withdrawal from Iraq and redeploy these troops along the United States borders in order to avoid terrorist infiltration into the American homeland. I propose using the current resources being spent on the war efforts to boost counter-terrorist monitoring and to thwart terrorist plots via covert military actions and improved intelligence gathering and sharing among allies.

This is not an optimal solution. But it is one that may just lead to a different result. On the other hand, as a matter of fait accompli, staying the course will lead to more Iraqi and American deaths as well as continued depletion of the Treasury without significantly altering the current situation.

An honest assessment by a fair-minded person will probably arrive at the aforementioned conclusion.

The difficult task at hand is to convince a certain obdurate cowboy-president of this harsh reality.

22 January 2007

California Nightmare: Golden State Now Officially Declared Banana Republic

Illegal aliens from south of the borders and west of the coastlines are flooding to California, resulting in densely populated urban areas (and even suburban areas too) and high crimes.

Graffiti-covered walls and road-signs also point to a state in deep decline.

Drug-resistant infectious diseases such as TB and sexually transmitted diseases such as AIDS are rampant in this newest banana republic.

Gangs are mowing down innocent children like flies.

Corruption at various governmental levels is a key indicator of banana-republic status.

And a pussified governor who is freely giving away the few remaining assets of the State to illegal aliens and their ilk signifies the arrival of the banana republic.

iViva la republica platana!

19 January 2007


By Thomas Derr

Whether it is the Vincent Chin case (search this site for coverage) or the numerous other cases of anti-Asian violence in California and America, it is clear that Asian-Americans are systematically targeted by governmental entities at all levels for abuse and slaughtering.

But the case of nine-year-old Charupha Wongwisetsiri's murder in Los Angeles, a city well-known for its anti-Asian outrages, goes beyond the pale. She was only nine. She was an honors student. Yet, the City of Los Angeles celebrates her murder by freeing the Hispanic men who have confessed to her killing.

There are now fears among the politically powerless Asian communities in Los Angeles that the Los Angeles Police Department and the Los Angeles County Sheriff's Department may dispatch additional death squads to kill more Asian children, perhaps as young as one- or two-year old.

It's like Nanjing in 1937 all over again!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Help! Where's the UN? Where's Human Rights Watch? Oh, they don't care because the victims are Asians.

Meanwhile, heroic Asian men are drafted to fight and die overseas in Iraq (see below) in order to advance this murderous country's interests while their children are left to fend for themselves against the war machines of the State...

Party Politics: Her Thighness and Barak Hussein Osama

"Oh my, oh dear, a turban in the age of global warming?!"

"Allah Akbar!"

Breaking news:

It is now reported in the Times of London that staff to Her Thighness, America's Evita--Hillary Rotten Clinton--has revealed that the darling of the MSM, Sen. Barak Hussein Osama of provincial Illinois, attended a fundamentalist madrassa in Jarkatta, Indonesia. If this juicy morsel turns out to be true--and it appears to be that way--Osama's omission of this significant portion of his biography will undoubtedly hurt his presidential bid. Even lavish praises and support from the MSM may not be enough to save Osama. This is, after all, the age of the blogs!

We are enjoying this three-ring circus on the sideline :-)

16 January 2007

Patriotic Border Agents Face Long Prison Sentences for Defending Their Country!!!

Border agents Ramos and Compeon will face stiff prison sentences beginning tomorrow. Despite significant outcries from the Fairbank Group, 70 congressmen, 1500 grassroots organizations, the D-student in the Executive Mansion has refused to pardon or commute the sentences of these brave men.

Meanwhile, the illegal alien drug mule that these two heroic agents tried to apprehend is suing the United States government in federal court for over $5 million. The drug mule was not even charged for attempting to smuggle 1,000 pounds of marijuana into the country. That's because as a habitual cocaine abuser, Bush thinks marijuana is child's play.

It has been reported that drug mules and kingpins in Mexico are celebrating as they now have confirming evidence that the bloke in White House is on their side.

Fairbank: Tom Tancredo for President in '08

America's last best hope for sovereignty and democracy is Congressman Tom Tancredo of Colorado. Tancredo has formed an exploratory committee to consider his candidacy for the Republican nomination for President of the United States. We wholeheartedly endorse Tancredo for the highest office in the land.

Tancredo has addressed the issue of the illegal alien invasion of America long before the bloggers and radio commentators knew about the problem, and he has remained steadfast in his position, despite repeated browbeating and several attempted physical beating from the current Traitor in the White House.

Tancredo has the support to KFI hosts John and Ken, KABC hosts Doug McIntyre, Al Rantal and Kevin James. And of course, he has the full and undivided support of the Fairbank Report and our fiercely devoted readers.

Go Tom!

13 January 2007

Friends React to Hero Ming Sun's Death

PFC Ming Sun of Cathedral City, CA. He was 20 years young.


Another Asian-American Liberator Gave Life for America...

PFC Ming Sun

Filed by Bian-lian Huang, Associate Editor

PFC Ming Sun of Cathedral City, California was only 20 when he was killed last week in Iraq. Is America grateful for such sacrifice?

DoD Identifies Army Casualty

The Department of Defense announced today the death of a soldier who was supporting Operation Iraqi Freedom.

Pfc. Ming Sun, 20, of Cathedral City, Calif., died Jan. 9 in Ar Ramadi, Iraq, of wounds suffered when his unit came in contact with enemy forces using small arms fire during combat patrol operations. Sun was assigned to the 1st Battalion, 9th Infantry Regiment, 2nd Brigade Combat Team, 2nd Infantry Division, Fort Carson, Colo.

For more information in regard to this release the media can contact the Fort Carson public affairs office at (719) 526-3420; after hours call (719) 526-5500.

Fat & Lazy Govt Employees Fleecing the Public

Government employees at all levels have the lowest efficiency rates among all sectors in the United States, according to a recent study published by the Fairbank Management Group. This is not at all surprising, yet there are many other wide-spread abuses usually not revealed to the public. These include:

**pension spiking. The averge public employee in California, for example, gets 60% of his highest pay upon retirement. He also receives full medical coverage for him and his spouse or domestic partner.

**highest absence rates. Public employees have the highest usage of sick time in all industries surveyed.

**highest workers' comp claims. Public employees also have unusually high workers' comp claims rates. In one sub-section of the Fairbank Study, a local agency in Los Angeles County has a 35% workers' comp injury claims. And these were cubicle dwellers who, in another audit, spent about 70% of their time surfing the Internet.

So in essence, taxpayers are asked to pay for wrist "injuries" incurred because these employees were doing something they were not supposed to do in the first place!!

**fewest hours worked. While it is questionable whether goverment employees actually work, they still manage to log in the fewest number of hours at the job sites. In one case cited by the Fairbank Study, employees routinely disappear from their offices between 12 - 2 and then leave for the day at 3.30 PM.

Jonathan Fairbank, editor-in-chief of the Fairbank Report and CEO of the Fairbank Group, calls the findings in the Study alarming and highly problematic. Mr. Fairbank says that this is a wake-up call to all American taxpayers to rein in run-away government at all levels.


This guy is a manufactured product of the media; yet, he may just get away with it since, as we know, the sheepple of the United States are highly illiterate and impressionable. So an inexperienced guy out of provincial Illinois might just get crowned President because he has friends in the mass media! My, my, the power of the fourth estate.

If one is going to be crowned President of the United States, at least get a real name such as Jonathan Fairbank, Jesse Jackson or Bertha Smith. This dude's name sounds like he just walked out of the jungle...

05 January 2007


The Honor Roll of Iraq's American Liberators

Yet Another Asian-American Hero Died Defending America...

Marine Officer Binh (Ben) Le, 1984-2004. KIA in Iraq Whilst Defending Freedom


Sadly Fulfilling Marine's Dream
Funeral to Bring Parents to U.S.
By Rosalind S. Helderman
Courtesy of the Washington Post
Tuesday, December 7, 2004

Binh N. Le had not been back to the land of his birth since he came to the United States with an aunt and uncle at age 4, leaving his parents behind.

So, after he graduated from Edison High School in Fairfax County in 2002 and before he joined the Marine Corps later that year, Le made a joyous pilgrimage to Vietnam to visit his mother and father. Recently, he told one of his aunts in the United States that when he returned from his second tour in Iraq in April, they would make the trip together.

But Le, a 20-year-old Corporal from Alexandria, Virginia, was killed last week in Iraq. The Pentagon said he died of injuries suffered in enemy action in Anbar province; the Associated Press said a car bomb killed him and a fellow Marine, Corporal Matthew A. Wyatt, 21, of Millstadt, Illinois, as they patrolled near the Jordanian border.

Now, instead of awaiting his return visit, Le's parents will be making their way to this country to attend his funeral when it is scheduled at Arlington National Cemetery.

Le was assigned to the 5th Battalion, 10th Marine Regiment, 2nd Marine Division of the 2nd Marine Expeditionary Force. He was trained as a field artillery cannoneer and belonged to the unit's Sierra battery. He was proud to be a Marine, said an uncle, Luong La of Dale City, Virginia.

La said the military was a natural choice for his nephew, a member of his high school's Junior ROTC program. His father had served in the Vietnamese army, and Le had "that kind of blood."

Le was proud, too, of his adopted country, his uncle said. He became a U.S. citizen while serving his first tour in Iraq, and he hoped to sponsor his parents to join him in this country. "That was his dream," La said.

In the meantime, he wanted to make a career of the Marine Corps. When Le told relatives that he would be returning to Iraq, La remembers saying he was a "little bit scared for him." But Le responded that he had a duty.

"He said if he don't do it, no one do it. He do whatever his job," La said. "That was his attitude in being a Marine."

Le was small and slender, quick and energetic, recalled Lynn Hall, his pastor at Lorton's Gunston Bible Church. Le and Hall's son Joe had been close friends since Le joined the church as a boy, Hall said. He said Le was the kind of kid who never stopped moving and always liked to be at the center of things, the kind who would declare that he planned to throw a birthday party -- for himself.

When he visited on leave, Le sometimes stayed at Hall's house. The pastor fondly recalled waking up in the morning to find the young man asleep on the sofa after staying out until 3 a.m. to cram in visits with friends.

Hall said Le told him he joined the Marine Corps because it was the "best fighting force in the world."

"I would sometimes use the term 'soldier' with him, and he hated to be called 'soldier' because he was a Marine, not a soldier," Hall said.

Le told church members that he helped secure a bridge south of Baghdad during the initial invasion of the country in 2003 and was greeted kindly by the people there. "He said the Iraqi people were so glad they were there it just about put him in tears," Hall recalled.

Le was known as a talented musician. He played drums, and in junior high school he formed a band with a cousin and Joe Hall. After the band broke up, he picked up keyboards and played both instruments for the church, Lynn Hall said.

"He was an excellent drummer, but his music teachers would always get mad at him 'cause he'd play them loud," he said. "He'd really bang them."

Le called home often to speak with his American family -- Thanh Le and Hau Luu, the aunt and uncle who brought him to this country and legally adopted him, and La and his wife, Tuc-cuc Thi Tran, with whom he often stayed while on leave.

In one recent conversation, he told La that he was tiring of military food and wanted to try to make Vietnamese-style meatballs. La promised to ship the seasonings overseas soon.

The last time they spoke, just two weeks ago, La said he advised his nephew to "keep his head down."

"Yeah," the young man responded. "We'll do that." For an Immigrant Marine, Burial Close to Home
Virginia Vietnamese Family Mourns at Arlington
By Rosalind S. Helderman
Courtesy of the Washington Post
Thursday, December 23, 2004

In life, Binh N. Le adopted this country as his own. In death, his country returned the honor.

Le, 20, a Marine corporal who was born in Vietnam, grew up in Fairfax County and died in Iraq, was buried yesterday under an unseasonably warm sun at Arlington National Cemetery. Over his coffin stood two Marines in dress uniform, one holding a U.S. flag steady in the breeze, the other the flag of the fallen South Vietnam.

BN Le Funeral Service PHOTO December 2004
Luong La, left, holds a portrait of his nephew, Binh H. Le, at Arlington. With him are Marine Sgt. Suong Nguyen, an interpreter; Le's parents, Lien Van Tran and Kim Hoan Phi Nguyen; and an aunt, Tuc-cuc Thi Tran.

Le was killed December 3, 2004, in Al Anbar province -- by a car bomb set off near a checkpoint he was manning, his family was told. Corporal Matthew A. Wyatt, 21, of Millstadt, Illinois, also died in the attack. Le, a member of the 5th Battalion, 10th Marine Regiment, was serving his second tour in Iraq and was scheduled to come home in April.

As a boy in Vietnam, Le was adopted by Hau Luu and Thanh Le, an aunt and uncle who soon immigrated to America. He was raised in the Alexandria section of Fairfax by the couple and another aunt and uncle, Tuc-cuc Thi Tran and Luong La of Dale City.

He visited his birth parents just once, a pilgrimage made after he graduated from Fairfax's Edison High School in 2002. U.S. officials intervened to ensure that they could come to the funeral, helping them secure visas and passports.

A Marine Staff Sergeant handed one folded U.S. flag to Le's father, Lien Van Tran. With La translating, Tran, who once served in the South Vietnamese army, told National Public Radio recently that he had not wanted his son to join the Marines but was proud of his service.

"He did the right job for the family, for the country, for himself," Tran said.

La received a second U.S. flag. Nearby stood Deputy Secretary of Defense Paul Wolfowitz and Representative James P. Moran Jr. (D-Virginia).

Friends said Le embraced the life of an American teenager long before joining the Marine Corps in 2000. He surrounded himself with devoted friends, many of whom he met through Junior ROTC or Lorton's Gunston Bible Church.

They described him as energetic and engaging. In high school and afterward, he played in a series of bands with young members of his church. One, a Christian group called Eyeris, built a small, loyal following at churches and coffeehouses. Drums were his passion, but he also had a talent for the keyboards and trumpet, friends said.

"He played everything by ear," said Jamey Payne, a member of Eyeris. "As long as he knew what it took to make a note come out of it, he could play it."

A Web site set up by his friend Paul Stadig features testimonials from dozens of people. Le had so many friends, Stadig said, that many of them didn't know each other. "All of his friends saw him as one of their best friends," he said. Next summer, Le was to have served as a groomsman at Stadig's wedding.

Le was a groomsman at Payne's wedding in May 2003, arriving to the surprised delight of the bride and groom, who thought he was still on his way home from Iraq.

Le returned from his first tour brimming with stories of the gratitude of ordinary Iraqis, friends said. Stadig recalled Le describing an Iraqi family that invited the Marines for tea. When they were finished, the Marines handed their cups back, only to find them quickly refilled. Many cups later, they learned that according to local custom, if a guest drains his cup all the way, it should always be refilled.

Payne said Le saw the conflict in Iraq through the prism of his own life story.

"He understood what it was like in a fairly oppressed society, and he really enjoyed the freedoms he had over here," Payne said. "He wanted to help others experience that. . . . It was a true American story."

04 January 2007

Beautiful Womyn...

Miss Singapore
Miss Canada
Miss France

Asians Are the Backbone of the US Military in Iraq; Yet, in the USA, Asian Men Are the Most Discriminated Against, Says Fairbank

By Thomas Derr

SFC Nguyen Tung of Tracy, CA was killed in action in Iraq on November 21, 2006. The Fairbank Report has chronicled the profound heroism of Asian-American soldiers in the Iraq theatre. (Search above.) Yet, for whom and for what do they fight and die?

Asian men are the most discriminated group in the United States. In fact, it is quite fashionable to attack and abuse Asian men in the United States.

Yet, without Asian-American soldiers, the United States' presence in Iraq could not have lasted this long.

For a full story on SFC Nguyen Tung, see here.


Photo: Drudge Report

Botox Pelosi strikes a pugilistic pose in the House of Representatives. How juvenile!