30 June 2007

Ungraceful Exit: Tony Blair's First Day as Commoner Had to Carry Own Luggage!

Compare this picture with the typical transfer of power in the United States where the outgoing President is gracefully sent off in a military helicopter as the incoming President and his family wave good bye on theWhite House lawn.

Meanwhile, new PM Gordon Brown is faced with his first crisis as the Religion of Peace threatens to strike London again and indeed has struck Glasgow.

02 June 2007

Breaking: Terrorist-Americans Tried to Blow Up JFK Airport

Filed by Michael Henchard

In the current absurd and hyper-politically correct state of the United States, everyone is considered an American. Just hopped off the boat? You are a Boatperson-American. Just illegally crossed the borders? You are an undocumented American. Just wanna blow up Kennedy Airport? You are a terrorist-American. And it is reported today that terrorist-Americans were seeking to blow up JFK Airport in New York City in a plot which would have made 9/11 look like child's play.

When will the nappy-headed Americans wake up?! Wake up! Wake up!

Perhaps, it will take at least 50,000 deaths from a single terrorist attack to wake up the fat, lazy and over-eating American cows!