31 December 2006

Too Young Yet So Heroic: 3000th Patriot Died Defending Freedom

Specialist Dustin R. Donica of Texas, aged 22, died on Thursday, December 28, 2006 in the defense of Liberty.

FR: Illegals to Make More Gains in 2007; But Who's Looking Out for Joe Sixpack?!!

No one. Because regular tax-paying Americans are just cash cows and not a special interest group.

"Home" from the Holidays: Illegals Return to USA after Long Break

Photo from: http://atlasshrugs2000.typepad.com

These hard-working undocumented Americans are heading to their vacation homes in Northern Territories (formerly the United States of America), where they will work hard at making babies, collecting welfare and laundering money. Welcome home, guys!

28 December 2006

Is This the Stupidest Man Alive?

Fred Blunder, an unfortunate but apt name, is the putative CIO of the Los Angeles County Superior Court. Yet, he knows next to nothing about IT and even less about management.

In a period of two years, ten senior and mid-level managers walked out on him.

His staff hate him, and so do his colleagues. But he remains in his post. Only in Government is incompetence rewarded with ever higher salaries and benefits.

25 December 2006

Yet Another Illegal Alien Shot SoCal Cops!

There are 20-25 million illegal aliens in the country, and they are packing heat. Two more police officers are shot and severely wounded by an illegal alien. Bush, Boxer and the open-border crowd, yet again, have blood on their hands.

Asian Men Riding High

By Thomas Derr
Special Contributor, The Fairbank Report

For the longest time, Asian women have been coveted and lusted after by Western men for their beauty, charm and silky smooth skin. No white woman's figure can compare to that of an Asian woman's. So the Western propaganda machines started their unholy work to turn Asian women against their men in favour of white men. The result has been an unprecedented number of Asian women marrying or maintaining liaisons with white guys. Among Japanese-Americans, the result of this campaign has been devastating on the Japanese-American males. Ninety percent of Japanese-American women marry white guys! And we are seeing similar trends among other Asian groups.

But wait! Asian men are fighting back. For the longest time, Asian males have been deprived of good nutrition by the Western imperialists, which has resulted in the devastation of our physcial bodies. Thus, the stereotype that Asian men are scrawny and weak. But with China and the rest of the Pacific Rim unshackling themselves from the yokes of American and British imperialism, Asian men are eating better (thanks in part to the 10% GDP growth per year in China for the last 25 years) and getting better physique.

Of course, Asian-American men have also benefited from better nutrition and higher levels of education. In fact, because of our lack of fat compared to the Western man, we are physically superior--at least in the looks department--to the regular white guy who often carries a spare tire around the gut. So much so that a recent trend has been observed in California: white women are chasing after Asian men!

With superior physique and higher income, Asian men are now the "in" thing among women in general. And more and more non-Asian women are competing for the attention of Asian men.

Now that's progress!

Does "People PC" Suck This Badly??!

A Google search on People PC, a cheap ISP affiliated with Earthlink, results in several nightmarish stories about disreputable and outright evil business practices. Comment if you have any experience--good or bad--with People PC.

22 December 2006


State of America, 2006

From the New York Sun (12/21/2006) via the Drudge Report (12/22/2006):

Of the city's births in 2005, 52% of them were paid for by Medicaid, the government health program for the poor. Of women giving birth in New York City, 44% were unmarried.

16 December 2006

2006 Person of the Year

The Fairbank Report’s Person of the Year for Calendar Year 2006 is Diana, Princess of Wales. Nearly a decade after her death, the princess can still stoke controversy from the grave. Last week, it was revealed that the Clinton Administration, yes the same Clintons who opposed President Bush’s electronic monitoring of evil-doers, had spied on the late princess as late as hours before her tragic death in 1997.

For at least the next 50 years, Princess Diana will remain a global iconic figure, just as Che Guevarra is an icon in Latin America and Mao Zedong is an icon in China and indeed beyond China.

J. Fairbank, Editor-in-Chief

14 December 2006

Without Govt, Some Guys Will Just Starve

I am walking around downtown L.A., and I see all these government "workers" (in name only) lounging about in the morning, mid-day and late afternoon. These guys are raking in great salaries and excellent benefits for doing very little.

Fat and lazy, these government employees spend their time coveting each other's future pension benefits. In the interim, they don't pick up the phone when it rings; they deliver services with a grunt (if you're lucky) or a vicious sneer.

LA County employees are the worst.

Without government, these obese and unskilled morons will literally starve away, or possibly riot.