31 May 2012

Hainanese Singer Chen Chunsheng!

He's the composer and original singer of "yigeren de dongtian." (一个人的冬天).

And he's a Hainan boy!  Epic, no?

28 May 2012

"一个人的冬天" (One Person's Winter (of Discontent))

a beautiful, sad song in Mandarin Chinese.

There's a sobby vid that accompanies this song, but I don't care for this type of vids...

26 May 2012

music break: theme song from Eileen Chang's "Love in a Fallen City"


Bitch Slapped

Lee Kwan Yew's People's (in)Action Party (PAP) was roundly defeated in the Hougang by-election today.  The Workers' Party won the single-member constituency.  The WP, like all opposition parties in Singapore, is severely suppressed by various means, including the use of the judiciary, by the Party-State.

This was a big win for the opposition.

18 May 2012




LA Police: 2 Arrests in Chinese Student Killings

Los Angeles police said Friday that they arrested two suspects in the killings of two Chinese graduate students who were shot to death near the University of Southern California campus last month.
LAPD Detective Gus Villanueva announced the arrests and had no further details pending a news conference scheduled for 7:30 p.m. PDT.
Ming Qu, of Jilin, and Ying Wu, of Hunan, were shot on April 11 while sitting in a BMW about a mile away from the campus. Both students were 23 years old.
The shooting sent shockwaves through the school, which has the largest number of international students of any U.S. university. Roughly 19 percent of the school's 38,000 students are from overseas, including 2,500 from China.
After the shooting, Wu was found in the passenger seat and Qu on the steps of a nearby house where he collapsed while trying to summon help, police said.
The campus is located in an urban center a few miles south of downtown. It is across the street from county museums and not far from the Staples Center arena and a gentrifying area of Victorian homes. Yet it also was known as an area that had faced high crime and gang activity.
The victims' parents filed a lawsuit on Wednesday alleging the school made false claims about safety in the "frequently asked questions" section of its online application.
The 15-page lawsuit accuses USC of hiding behind the word "urban" and not saying the school is in a high-crime residential area. It also notes that Chinese students in particular would interpret urban to mean USC is in a safe area.
"The 'urban' representation misled Chinese students, including Ming Qu, into believing the area is safe since in China, the more urban the area, the safer the area," the lawsuit states, claiming USC understood this is how Chinese students would interpret the description.
USC lawyer Debra Wong Yang said the university was deeply saddened by the deaths but found the lawsuit to be baseless.
The school and city police announced new security measures after the slayings and promised more video cameras, escorts and patrols.
The additional security will include sending over 30 more officers to the department division that handles the USC area, and the university will pay for four additional officers to patrol the student residential neighborhoods, Police Chief Charlie Beck said.

remembering Disco Queen Donna Summer

14 May 2012

May 14, 2012

Today, May 14, 2012, is the date that Ying Wu of USC was supposed to make a happy return home to China :-(

Ying and her boyfriend Ming Qu were assassinated by a bete noire on April 11.

12 May 2012

恰 似 你 的 温 柔 by Miss Xu Wen

Xu Wen's amazing voice.  Very much like TT's.

Endorsing the Workers' Party of Singapore for the May 26 By-election

Go WP!!!

Qu Ming & Wu Ying -- The Liang Shanbo & Zhu Yingtai of Our Times

by BL Huang

I have been thinking about penning an opera about Ming and Ying -- the "butterfly lovers" of our age.  The storylineTwo Chinese scholars come to the land of the barbarians to impart their knowledge and wisdom in order to liberate the benighted barbarians; their work brings them closer to one another.  They fall in love, and one day, they are slain by a bete noire (who is aided and abetted by the local evil warlords) from South Central.  As their bodies are ferried back to the Celestial Empire, the ship captain notices that two colourful butterflies emerge from the coffins and head skyward...

11 May 2012

A Most Interesting Political Endorsement


From the MetNews

For the June 5 Primary Elections in Los Angeles County, Calif.

Monday, February 13, 2012


Lynn D. Olson is a member of the Los Angeles Superior Court. She shouldn’t be.

While decrying her presence on our county’s trial bench, in light of her chicanery in gaining election to her post six years ago, we readily conclude that the public would be better served by her continuation in office than by the alternative. The other option is to replace her with a persistent candidate who, every time he is looked at, is seen as decidedly unfit for judicial office.

With regret that an attorney worthy of a judgeship did not challenge her, we endorse Olson for reelection.

IN 2006, OLSON CHALLENGED a distinguished veteran jurist, Dzintra Janavs. The reason she targeted that incumbent was that her unofficial consultant, Fred Huebscher, wanted to prove his theory that a person with an easily pronounced Anglo-Saxon moniker is, all things being equal, apt to trounce a candidate with a foreign-sounding name.

It did seem in the early days of the campaign that all things were not equal, but were weighted in favor of the judge. Janavs not only had the advantage of incumbency, giving rise to the effective ballot designation of “Judge of the Superior Court,” but had a top professional campaign consultant, as well as some money in the campaign kitty. Olson filed a declaration, under penalty of perjury, that she did not intend to raise more than $1,000, thus relieving her of having to itemize contributions and engendering complacency in the Janavs camp.

Then, right at the end, BAM! Olson poured a torrent of lucre into her own coffers, spending about $120,000 on slate mailers. The Janavs forces had been sandbagged by Olson’s early pronouncement of a meager budget and could not, at the last minute, catch up in fundraising.

Besides, the sly Heubscher, who is in the slate mailer business, had a lock not only on his own slates but those of other slate vendors.


E PAUSE TO OFFER some observations on slate mailers. These are flyers and cards which are carefully tailored to the recipients and which seek to bamboozle them as to the source of the communication.

A slate mailer appears to be comprised of endorsements by some group with which the recipient is apt to identify, based on party, age, or other factor, while, in fact—as noted in small type that is apt to be overlooked—payment has been made, in most cases, for the supposed endorsements.

Most often, the group that is identified has no existence other than as a registered slate mailer organization.

These mailers are plainly instrumentalities of deceivers, yet are so effective that serious candidates in local races are virtually required to buy space on them or forfeit their contests.


T IS CLEARLY INCUMBENT on any candidate who is not dead set on deceiving to personally review just how his or her name will be used on a slate mailer. Obliviousness to deception perpetrated by the candidate’s “handlers” is hardly an excuse. Anyone vying for public office should have the gumption to take charge.

One slate mailer in 2006 which recommends the election of Olson, sent to Republicans, says:

“This Voter Guide for Republicans is published by Citizens for Representative Government. We endorse candidates for office who most closely support the conservative philosophy of self-reliance, less government intervention and opposition to excessive government regulation and taxation. We receive input from major crime victims organizations before making our endorsements in judicial races.”

Indeed? It happens that Janavs is a Republican—and not only is Olson a Democrat but, the Los Angeles Times June 8, 2006 report on Olson’s election victory relates this:

“Olson and her husband, Michael Keegan, a Hermosa Beach councilman, said they did not target Janavs because of her name, but rather because she was Republican.”

The article quotes Olson as saying:

“I targeted Janavs because of her political affiliation….”

We do have reason to believe that Janavs’ name was, in fact, a crucial factor in Olson challenging her. But the point here is that Olson, though an ardent Democrat, permitted her name to be used on a slate mailer going to Republicans which created the impression that she was a Republican candidate.

Too, the appropriateness of injecting party politics into an election for a nonpartisan office is questionable.


LSON’S CAMPAIGN WAS otherwise marked by an abandonment of ethics. Indeed, it was in one respect marked by a defiance of legal constraints. The Elections Code permits ballot designations of the candidate’s “principal professions, vocations, or occupations” during the previous one-year period. Olson listed herself as “Attorney at Law.”

She was, in fact, a member of the State Bar. However, a practice of law was not among her “principal professions, vocations, or occupations.” Olson did not practice, at all. She and her husband ran a bakery/sand­wich shop on Pacific Coast Highway. Some knew her as the “Bagel Lady.”

Olson had been on inactive status since Jan. 1, 1999, and reactivated her license on Dec. 29, 2005, preparatory to declaring her candidacy.

We laud the quality of the bagels sold at her shop but decry her blatant dishonesty in portraying herself in 2006 as a person whose principal pursuit was the practice of law when, in actuality, her only vocation was that of a proprietor of a retail food establishment.


LSON IS UNWORTHY of trust. She is unworthy of government office. We would be delighted to see her replaced by an able and ethical challenger. However, while she does have an election challenger, one Douglas W. Weitzman, she does not have a challenger who is either able or ethical.

Weitzman ran in 2006 for a Superior Court open seat. Our reaction was that he was “ill-equipped for the office he seeks,” that view corresponding with the Los Angeles County Bar Assn.’s rating of “not qualified.” Olson, also, was determined that year by LACBA to be “not qualified.”

In 2008, he ran again. This newspaper described him as “slippery and evasive.” LACBA again rated him “not qualified.”

Two years ago, Weitzman was again a candidate for a judicial office. He challenged a sitting judge, Soussan Bruguera. He could point to no deficiency in her performance on the bench—indeed, she is extraordinarily conscientious. Weitzman apparently saw her as vulnerable based on her name. We dismissed the candidacy of this “realtor with a law license,” and, again, LACBA branded him “not qualified.”

We are confident that LACBA will, this year, again adjudge him “not qualified.” The man would be incapable of functioning as a judicial officer.

So, the only rational choice is to re-elect the “bagel lady.” On the positive side, we understand that she is taking her duties seriously and is performing adequately as a judge.

Copyright 2012, Metropolitan News Company

10 May 2012

Bete Blanc Rapes Chinese Woman in Public!

First, a bete noire killed two Chinese graduate students at USC.  Now a bete blanc (a limey, in fact) raped a Chinese girl in Beijing! Outrage!

(Chinese/Asian women are so beautiful that this barbarian beast couldn't help himself.  But no excuses.  He It must be executed by hanging!)


from the UK Telegraph

British tourist arrested in China 'for sexual assault'

A British tourist has been arrested after allegedly sexually assaulting a local woman in Beijing.

A British tourist has been arrested after allegedly sexually assaulting a local woman in Beijing.
Image 1 of 2
The 24-year-old man was arrested by Beijing police at 11pm on Tuesday night, after passers-by interrupted him in the act of attacking a young woman in Beijing 
A video of a British tourist sexually assaulting a local woman in Beijing has gone viral in China, prompting angry calls for him to be charged with attempted rape.
The 24-year-old man was arrested by Beijing police at 11pm on Tuesday night, after passers-by interrupted him in the act of attacking a young woman in the Xuanwumen area south of Tiananmen Square.
"The man is under detention and investigation as per the law. The man is a British national, holding a tourist visa," Beijing police said in a statement issued this morning.
The incident, which was captured on video as posted on the Youku website had been viewed more than 2.6 million times by Thursday lunchtime and has prompted thousands of incensed locals demanding the man be charged with attempted rape.
One netizen in Yantai, Shandong Province said, "Damn foreigner. You'd think it was 100 years ago when the foreigners came to China and did as they pleased."
Another said, "How dare he be so arrogant in our land."
In the video, the shaven-headed man in a white top and blue tracksuit bottoms is seen being pulled off the woman, who is lying in a flower bed by the road with her yellow dress up around her waist and screaming that she does not know the man. As the man walks away, he is stopped and punches one man in an attempt to escape. He is then set upon by a number of Chinese men who kick and punch him and can later be seen lying in the middle of the road and not moving.

According to one witness, the victim told the police that the man followed her from the Xuanwumen metro station after asking her what the time was. He then threw her into the flower bed and began touching her, while she screamed for help.
Beijing police said the man was "drunk" and was taken to the Xuanwu Hospital for treatment for the injuries he suffered during the beating he received.
People convicted of rape in China can face the death penalty, although a prison sentence of 10-20 years is a more common punishment.
Attempted rape carries a sentence of between three and 10 years.
Beijing police would not comment further on the case, while the British embassy said they had received no requests for help.
"We are aware of the case, but we haven't been approached for consular assistance," said an embassy spokesman.

02 May 2012

Why Obama Blinked...

By John Cooper-Bassett

Clearly the Anointed One, the Messiah, the putative Orator from the Ghetto blinked in the Chen Guangcheng case.

Mr. Chen, a self-taught Chinese legal worker who is also blind, had been held in detention as well as under house arrest in Shandong province. A few days ago, Mr. Chen, with the help of friends, escaped Shandong and popped up at the U.S. embassy in Beijing. Today, the United States Ambassador to the People’s Republic of China, Gary Locke, personally delivered Mr. Chen to the awaiting Chinese authorities in the guise of a hospital visit in the Chaoyang district of Beijing.

Flash back to 1989. The late human rights activist, Professor Fang Lizi (who passed away in Arizona last month), sought refuge in the same US Embassy immediately after the Tiananmen Square crackdown. The George H.W. Bush Administration fought off the Chinese authorities for over a year. Finally, the United States won concession from the late Deng Xiaoping to let Professor Fang and his family emigrate to the United States.

So what happened between 1989 and 2012?

1. China became the second largest economy in the world and is poised to overtake the United States as the biggest economic powerhouse by 2016.

2. China now has the second most powerful military forces in the world.

3. At $3 trillion, China has the largest foreign exchange reserve in the world.

4. China holds $1 trillion in United States public debt.

5. The United States is run by a group of untested frat boys led by an inexperienced community organizer while China is governed by a cadre of seasoned political veterans who are backed up by a larger group of PhDs.

Coincidentally, the collapse of American political power and prestige is also revealed in the recent mad-cow scare. Last week, the US announced that a California cow was diagnosed with mad-cow disease. The Koreans have sent a delegation of animal husbandry experts to inspect the farm in question. This was what the United States used to do to third-world banana republics when something went awry in one of their production plants.

Now that the US has become the proverbial banana republic, one would hardly blink an eye when it is suggested that United Nations observers should be sent to monitor the presidential election in November in order to ensure transparency and a clean election…