06 January 2016

Asian on Asian

Shila Amzah, the Malaysian singer who is now a household name in China, sings Jay Chou's 2007 smash hit, Zuichang de Dianying, on Mainland Chinese TV.  Jay Chou, a Taiwanese singer/song writer, is, in Bian-lian Huang's words, "the most prolific, the most enduring, and the most influential Asian singer in the last 30 years."

Asians are hott...and the new kool.  Epic!

02 January 2016

epic Vietnam

While Vietnam has a long way to go in terms of national development, the above video by Australian vlogger Troy Nguyen shows that, in a small sense, Vietnam has arrived.  The video captures the 2016 nye celebrations in District 1 of Ho Chi Minh City (Saigon).  But it could be Singapore, Hong Kong, or Taipei.

BTW, the chicks are hotter than those in Singapore, Hong Kong, or Taipei.

01 January 2016

A New Crush for a New Year: China's Never-ending List of Beauties (大美女)

Source:  People's Daily

This da meinu is neither a model nor an actress but rather "just" a graduate of a Chinese police academy.  I challenge you to find any police academy graduate IN THE WORLD who is this beautiful...Please stay this pretty forever!!!