25 November 2018


Internet videos of young (and beautiful) Chinese ladies living a back-to-nature lifestyle have gone viral in China (Sina Weibo) as well as overseas (Youtube).  Overseas viewers observe how beautiful and clean the Chinese countryside actually is (as opposed to the images of pollution often shown in the international press).  They also admire how these ladies are so independent and live harmoniously with nature.

Here's a chance for China to harvest its soft power.  China has an abundant supply of beautiful, talented, and tech-savvy people who can convey a message about the country that money cannot buy.  If the Chinese government were farsighted, it should invest in people like Li Ziqi (see her video below) who are doing more to promote China and Chineseness than any overpriced PR firm could.

17 November 2018

Depression Awareness

As the Western world enters its festive season, it is well worth remembering that depression hits many during this time of the year.  The exaggerated emphasis on family togetherness depresses those living alone or far away from loved ones.  It's worth noting that all these putative celebrations are principally driven by the merchant class always looking to earn an extra buck or two.

If family cohesion is that important in our society (as it should be), then we ought to practice it every day of the year and not just a few weeks out of 52...