25 November 2009

People, It Has Been only Eight Years Since 9/11

Yet, political correctness led to the first terrorist attack on US soil since 9/11 (Fort Hood massacre).

Wake up doofus!

We miss George W. Bush. He kept us safe.

21 November 2009

Pretty Boy Must Go!

Geithner, in the foreground, is in over his head.
By M. Henchard

Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner, one of the youngest United States treasury secretaries, should step down. After 11 months in office, following a controversial confirmation hearing -- in which it was discovered that Geithner had failed to pay federal income taxes for years -- the U.S. economy suffers from the highest unemployment rate in 30 years and the largest budget deficit in the history of the Republic.

Moreover, under Geithner's watch, the greenback has continued to plunge in value amidst a surge in world opinion for an alternative international currency. Many in Congress have also lost confidence in the Treasury Secretary.

Fresh leadership in the Department of the Treasury, even if only for symbolic and psychological reasons, is urgently needed for the sake of the country and indeed for that of the Obama Administration.