23 August 2006

Zhang Ziyi Speaks Perfect English, Better Than Most Hong Kong Geese


Hong Kong Pop Media are Racist and Self-Hating Sycophants

International film goddess Zhang Ziyi (Gong Li's heir) is stunningly beautiful and incredibly talented. Not only does she play dramatic roles (as in Zhang Yimou's The Road Home) but also star in such physically demanding action films as Ang Lee's Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon and Zhang Yimou's Hero.

Yet the Hong Kong pop media continue to taunt her for being "Chinese." Huh? Who do these Hong Kong geese think they are? British? Ha! I used to travel in Europe with a Hong Kong friend whose passport was classified as "British Dependency," which was third-class British documentation and essentially worthless. British, these Hong Kong geese are not. They are, on the other hand, self-hating sycophants and bottom-lickers! Yuck!



22 August 2006


Singaporean Internet super-beauty, DawnYang, who has been fodder for critique and outright criticisms for her denial of plastic surgery for almost a year now, strikes back at her detractors. See her August 22, 2006 entry. I think her remarks and photographic evidence are interesting and perhaps even compelling. However, the evidence provided by Ms. Yang only underscores the fact that she did indeed undergo the knife for such a fantastic transformation.

Bian-lian Huang, Associate Editor.

17 August 2006

Advertisement---> The Fairbank Academy: A little bit of England in Fair California

2005 Spring Reception at Margaret Thatcher Hall, Fairbank Academy
Founders' Hall, Fairbank Academy: Administrative offices and Social Science classrooms

Fairbank Common, Fairbank Academy: varsity dormitories and staff accomodations

The Fairbank Academy, located in prestigeous Claremont, CA, is now accepting applications for the Spring Session (March 2007). Apply in person at:

The Fairbank Academy

1700 Academy Drive

Claremont Estates

Claremont, CA 91711

Maj. Michael Cooper-Basset, CBE, FRS, PhD(Cantab), MSc(Oxon), BS(Yale)
Director and Chief Operating Officer

15 August 2006

Here We Go Again: Illegals to March en masse in L.A.

Another massive pro-illegal alien march will take place on September 2 in downtown Los Angeles, the capital of illegal aliens. This will be the third such rally this year. This audacity on the part of the illegal alien community is understandable. They have vaulted their guy into the office of mayor of Los Angeles. Similarly, they have successfully placed their own candidates in County and State offices; both the Speaker of the Assembly and the President Pro-Temp of the State Senate are avid supporters of the reconquista movement.

Hey, dude where's my state?

10 August 2006