31 July 2017

"Milk Girl" Zhang Zetian is Now a Billionairess

She married an old dude who happens to be a co-founder of the second largest e-commerce company in China, JD.com.  We don't fault her.  It's right that she monetizes her (ephemeral) beauty/youth for long-lasting money!  See our features of Ms Zhang from 2011 by clicking on her name in the label section.  Has it been that long since we drooled over her?!

03 July 2017


Zhang Yingying, the 26-year-old scholar in residence at the University of Illinois (UI), was kidnapped by a former UI graduate student.  She is presumed killed.  She had only been in the United States for less than a month.  Another senseless murder of a promising life.  Why does China keep sending its best, brightest, and most beautiful to the US only to be killed?!