27 March 2007

Reagan II: Fred Thompson to Win GOP Nomination

The putative truism in the 2008 presidential campaign is that one has to get in on the race really early. Thus, Evita, Osama, Giuliani, McLame, et al have entered the race as early as late 2006. Yet, actor and former Senator Fred Thompson will play it slow and nice and in the end will take the GOP nomination in the summer of 2008.

Thompson is quintessentially Reaganesque. He is in favour of a strong military; he's pro-life. He's in favour of tax cuts and against gay marriage. And he's pro-Second Amendment. Nice. Simple and Sleek. Contrast Thompson's positions with the tortured contortions of Giuliani and McLame, not to mention the flip-flopping of Evita and Osama.

The American electorate has made one thing very clear in the last 50 years: Those with clear, concise and consistent positions always win the presidency.

Carpe Diem Quam Minimum Credula Postero

Indeed. Whoever says time flies is a filthy liar. Time rockets by. Recent news of White House spokesman Tony Snow and Mrs. Elizabeth Edwards's severe cancer cases demonstrates how young people can be struck down in their prime at any time. Seize the day for there may not be a tomorrow.

24 March 2007

Asian Men Riding High

Originally posted 12/25/2006

By Thomas Derr
Special Contributor, The Fairbank Report

For the longest time, Asian women have been coveted and lusted after by Western men for their beauty, charm and silky smooth skin. No white woman's figure can compare to that of an Asian woman's. So the Western propaganda machines started their unholy work to turn Asian women against their men in favour of white men. The result has been an unprecedented number of Asian women marrying or maintaining liaisons with white guys. Among Japanese-Americans, the result of this campaign has been devastating on the Japanese-American males. Ninety percent of Japanese-American women marry white guys! And we are seeing similar trends among other Asian groups.

But wait! Asian men are fighting back. For the longest time, Asian males have been deprived of good nutrition by the Western imperialists, which has resulted in the devastation of our physcial bodies. Thus, the stereotype that Asian men are scrawny and weak. But with China and the rest of the Pacific Rim unshackling themselves from the yokes of American and British imperialism, Asian men are eating better (thanks in part to the 10% GDP growth per year in China for the last 25 years) and getting better physique.

Of course, Asian-American men have also benefited from better nutrition and higher levels of education. In fact, because of our lack of fat compared to the Western man, we are physically superior--at least in the looks department--to the regular white guy who often carries a spare tire around the gut. So much so that a recent trend has been observed in California: white women are chasing after Asian men!

With superior physique and higher income, Asian men are now the "in" thing among women in general. And more and more non-Asian women are competing for the attention of Asian men.

Now that's progress!

23 March 2007


Staff sergeant Darrell R.Griffin, Jr. of ALHAMBRA, CALIFORNIA, died in Iraq on March 21, 2007 in the cause of FREEDOM.

Deadly Kapitalism--Red Chinese Style

By Michael Henchard

Why the f*ck are we still importing tons of food products from Red China every year?! These people are known for putting all kinds of weird ingredients into their foodstuffs—including—poisons. The latest pet food scare, which has been traced to tainted Chinese wheat, underscores the untenable reliance on imported Chinese foodstuffs.

A few years earlier, there were reported cases of tainted Chinese vermicelli, which, again, contained some sort of poison.

The late Generalissimo Chiang Kai-shek was right when he said that Red Chinese did not have ethos. This is especially true today when every bloody Red Chinese is out to make a quick buck, even if it means killing people. They have jettisoned the humanitarian principles of Confucianism and embraced all-out capitalism, Red Chinese style. God help us all.

21 March 2007

Iowans Grilled GOP Open-Border Hopefuls

Republicans in Iowa lambasted Senators McCaine ("McLame") and Brownback ("Bareback") on their open-border stance. One after another, caucus voters grilled these open-border guys who desperately tried to dodge the heated topic. Thank you, Iowans, for forcing the issue of the illegal alien invasion of America onto these sell-out GOPsters!

Lymphoma Awareness Week: 22 - 29 March, 2007

09 March 2007

Conservative Activist-Cum-Gay Porn Star

Still shell-shocked from last November's electoral defeat, conservatives are grasping at straws in order to restore their "golden era." Well, they grasped Matt Sanchez of California, who as a Marine, a Hispanic and a supporter of the war in Iraq, seemed to be a God-send to bolster the conservatives' cause.

Wait... There's a problem. Sanchez turns out to be the former XXX gay porn star who went by the nom de guerre Rod Majors. Talk about eggs on their faces!

Don't people realize that with the advent of the Internet and the blogosphere in particular, there's no such thing as a safe past any more?!

WARNING: The link here contains explicit photos of Matt Sanchez in his days as a porn star. The link is not meant to sensationalize, but sometimes a picture does say 10,000 words. You have been warned!!!!

08 March 2007

Hammering a Fly?

Associated Press

China's dog extermination plan condemned

Thu Mar 8, 10:18 AM ET

A U.S. animal rights group Thursday condemned a plan to kill all pet dogs in an anti-rabies campaign in a district of the southwestern Chinese city of Chongqing.

The Humane Society of the United States/Humane Society International said in a statement that a vaccination campaign would be a better way to control rabies.

"Rabies is a serious matter, but local, provincial, and national government officials in China must recognize that vaccination campaigns are the most effective way to ensure public safety now and in the future," said Andrew Rowan, the group's chief executive officer.

"Killing animals indiscriminately like this is unnecessary and inexcusable, especially if they're already vaccinated," he said.

According to a statement on the Wanzhou district's official Web site this week, residents of the district have until March 15 to hand over their dogs.

"All the dogs in the area should be killed. A compulsory cull phase will begin after March 16. The forced cull will be carried out by the police," it said.

Officials have rounded up dogs in other cities, such as Beijing, in a crackdown on strays and unregistered pets.

A Wanzhou's Health Department spokesman refused to comment further.

On Wednesday, Hong Kong's South China Morning Post quoted Wanzhou health official Ran Hua as saying the kill would combat rabies in the area. He said three cases have been reported in the last year, and the paper said one person died last month.