23 August 2009


The british government's release of the convicted Pan-Am Lockerbie bomber, who in one instance killed over 270 American men, women and children in 1988, under the guise of putative Scottish autonomy is nothing less than TREACHERY. I wish to remind our pasty white british "friends" that it was the USA who bailed them out of trouble during WWII, and it will be the same Yanks who will bail them out of future difficulties.

This weblog has been very friendly toward small britain over the years, but this decision on the part of the Labour government to hurt the American people is inexcusable.

21 August 2009

The Messiah: "All 'Wee Weed' Up"

Again and again, during the 2008 presidential campaign, the MSM told us that Barack Obama was the second coming of Christ, that he had messianic appeal, that he was the smartest man alive, that he was the greatest orator since Ronald Reagan, that...

Yesterday, the Messiah coolly stated, at a Democratic Party function, that Americans are "all 'wee weed' up" about health care reform. "Wee wee?" You've got to be kidding. How unpresidential! How uncouth!

Again, we ask, is this the putatively flawless orator from the ghetto?

07 August 2009

Friday Eye Candy

Miss Chae Rim, Korean actress, who currently stars in "Job Well Done." So beautiful...

The People's Party Hates the People

By Bian-lian Huang.

When I was an undergraduate at an elite SoCal University, I took an enjoyable class with a leftist professor who was the epitome of arrogance. I learned then that the good folks on the left have a proclivity for arrogance and elitism, notwithstanding their frequent refrain about supporting the common man.

The current debate on the Messiah's health care reform, which, to borrow a phrase from Rush Limbaugh, the state-run media have basically refused to cover, underscores this arrogance. When the common folks come out to question -- at times vociferously -- their elected representatives about the details of the proposed bill, the Left calls them Nazi, and in the word of one Democratic Representative, "un-American." And in the case of the putative Senator Diane Feinstein of California, the police was called out to rough up senior citizens who dared to raise questions and sought clarification on the proposed health care reform bill.

One wonders who is using Gestapo tactics on whom...