24 November 2006


By Diori Yu

Has it been a year since we and others frantically blogged and pleaded with whomever would listen to spare Van's young life from a Singaporean hanging?

16 November 2006

Nancy Pelosi's First Major Defeat

Speaker-elect Pelosi's strong support for war-critic John Murtha to become House Majority Leader was rebuked in a Party caucus vote this morning. Pelosi's long-time rival, Steny Hoyer, was elected to the leadership post instead.

This is a warning shot across the bow from "blue-dog" Democrats to their liberal colleagues: Do not move too Left too quickly.

This turn of events cannot be a good sign for the Botox Lady's leadership of the House of Representatives.

12 November 2006

I Told You So...

We correctly predicted the Republicans' defeat in both the House and Senate. See The Fairbank Report's October 28, 2006 entry.

But let's put things into perspective here. Yes, it was a thumping as the President colourfully put it. But this Republican defeat is similar to other mid-year "thumpings." In the 1982 mid-term, Reagan lost 30 seats in the House. And please remember, my benighted colleagues in the MSM, that Bill and Madame Clinton lost a whopping 73 seats in the House in 1994. Now that's getting hammered!