25 August 2014

Beauty of the Month: May Pakdee

May Pakdee, Thai model, actress, and TV presenter, is based in Tokyo, Japan.  Although the picture above has been airbrushed for perfection, May is simply BEAUTIFUL and ELEGANT.  She and Chinese model Huang Xiaoming would make a perfect couple.

21 August 2014

so sad...

"i am afraid the happiest days of my life were in the past."  bian-lian huang

16 August 2014

Happy Youth Olympics Games in Nanjing, China

Another epic song for the YOG, which started today in Nanjing, China.

I swear the international Olympics movement is so broke that they are foisting the burden of hosting all these games on China and Asia!

08 August 2014

03 August 2014

Gorgeous Alina Li Quits Porn

Alina Li's short stint in porn has come to an end.  Apparently, she quit in July 2014.  The reason:  A recent scene she shot for kink.com became so over-the-top abusive that she left the industry entirely. Those effing bastards!  Porn is nasty business, and it's good that she found this out sooner rather than later.

Some had thought that Alina could possibly displace Evelyn Lin as the all-time queen of  Asian-American porn stardom. Now we will never know, and Evelyn's reign is secure -- for now.