22 July 2007


By Jonathan Fairbank, Editor-in-Chief

As late as 1982, Monterey Park, CA was a safe, clean and American suburb located a few miles from downtown Los Angeles. Then Chinamen from Hong Kong and Taiwan began to colonize the city by bribing City Councilors and buying out long-time residents. Beginning in 1983 and ending in around 1988, the largest and fastest white flight in American history quietly took place in this suburban town. These Chinamen thence constructed a large number of apartment buildings, which were rented out to immigrants from Taiwan, Hong Kong and Vietnam whom they recruited to settle in the town. Of course, these immigrants live(d) ten to a room, and the destruction of the once-beautiful Monterey Park started in earnest.

But things settled down for a few years in the city. These immigrants, for the most part, were family-oriented who raised their families on menial jobs, welfare fraud and tax evasion.

Then the monstrosity of Mainland Chinamen came on the scene in the mid-1990s. Unlike the overseas Chinamen of the 1980s, these Mainland Chinamen are young, single and looking for the fast buck. They live ten to a room, but they also run gambling and opium (YES, OPIUM) dens and brothels out of these dilapidating apartments.

They tout the law with impunity because, in their eyes, Monterey Park is a “Chinese town” where the mainly white and Hispanic police force is too timid to raise questions for fear of being sued by the ACLU or one of the ubiquitous ethnic-based “legal aid societies.”

The result is rampant criminal activities such as gambling, prostitution and drug- and women-trafficking. Old timers, mainly the Chinaman cohort of the 1980s, are paying the price of the latest crime waves to hit Monterey Park.

And there’s very little these old-timer Chinamen can do. The police doesn’t care because no one in the police force lives in the city or is intimidated by potential charges of racism. Because they never had to assimilate, these old-timer Chinamen do not know how to leverage institutional resources to address the crime waves from Mainland China, which seems to export everything under the sun to the United States including criminals.

One might quip, “Let these blasted Chinamen stew in the crap they made.” On one level, I agree. Let these bastards reap what they sowed in the 1980s. But if left unchecked, these criminal Chinamen, like sewage scum, will seep into other SoCal communities. In fact, the Fairbank Report has learned that there are attempts under way, which are funded in part or in whole by the Beijing regime, to Sinicize La Canada-Flintridge, Claremont, Upland, Rancho Cucamonga, Chino, Redland and other livable areas of the Los Angeles basin.

Moreover, by writing off Monterey Park as a loss to criminal Chinamen, we are, in effect, surrendering piecemeal the entire state of California to criminal elements and illegal aliens. California may appear to be a lost cause, but we should not go down without a good fight!

15 July 2007

Made in China = Certain Death?

The Fairbank Report was the first to break several stories on tainted Chinese-made products, including tainted toothpaste in the United States and Panama, tainted medicine sold within China and exported to Latin America and of course the tainted pet food scandal, which resulted in numerous deaths of American pets.

And we were the first to call for a ban on all Chinese-made products, in particular foodstuffs, in the United States.

Yet, no action. Not quite. The Chinese did execute their FDA administrator. This is classically Chinese tactic: “Kill the monkey to scare the chickens.” In other words, symbolic justice. The stench of corruption is so deep and pervasive that there is very little the central government can do except for these showcased executions. Recall that in the late 1990’s, the former mayor of Beijing (who occupied a very high-level position within the Byzantine labyrinth of Chinese government) was executed for “economic crimes.” Yet, corruption remains rampant as before his execution, if not worse. Once again, symbolic justice over substantive reform.

So there will certainly be more cases of tainted Chinese-made products that will kill or maim thousands, if not tens of thousands, and the world will go on consuming them. Sigh!

11 July 2007

In Rosemead: It's not What You Know; It's Whom You Blow!

Once upon a time, it was not what you know but whom you know. Now it's whom you blow. Oliver Chi, a kid five years out of college, has been handed the position of interim City Manager for the City of Rosemead.

What does a kid, who was fast-tracked to the top by "friends" in various local city governments during his short career, know about managing a Southern California city? If this were Podunk, Oklahoma, I would say, knock yourself out kid. But this is the big time--Los Angeles!

Young scientists and artists have talent, and they should be fast-tracked to their potential. But in government, there's very little talent involved or required. It's about judgement and sagacity, which come with experience and (perhaps) age.

In a market the size of Southern California and paying SoCal salaries, don't tell me the good Councillors of the City of Rosemead could not find a more experienced and seasoned administrator?!