11 July 2007

In Rosemead: It's not What You Know; It's Whom You Blow!

Once upon a time, it was not what you know but whom you know. Now it's whom you blow. Oliver Chi, a kid five years out of college, has been handed the position of interim City Manager for the City of Rosemead.

What does a kid, who was fast-tracked to the top by "friends" in various local city governments during his short career, know about managing a Southern California city? If this were Podunk, Oklahoma, I would say, knock yourself out kid. But this is the big time--Los Angeles!

Young scientists and artists have talent, and they should be fast-tracked to their potential. But in government, there's very little talent involved or required. It's about judgement and sagacity, which come with experience and (perhaps) age.

In a market the size of Southern California and paying SoCal salaries, don't tell me the good Councillors of the City of Rosemead could not find a more experienced and seasoned administrator?!

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