29 April 2012

Hot, Hott, Hawt!

With 1.3 billion people, China has a lot of genetic diversity.  From this diversity comes Beauty and Talent.  Our hot babe below is 凌宜娴 or Ling Yixian in pinyin.  Miss Ling has it all:  light skin, gorgeous eyes, a statuesque nose and generous -- errh -- bosoms.  Who cares if she has got work done.  The chick is hot, hott, hawt!

Source:  http://www.redflava.com/

28 April 2012

张靓颖 (Jane Zhang): the Hardest Working Pop Star

Mainland Chinese pop diva Zhang Liangying (Jane Zhang) gained fame in 2005 in a Chinese singing contest show.  And the rest is history...

Her good look doesn't hurt either...

26 April 2012

More Fabulous Music from Miss Xu Wen

Her voice is so Teresa Teng-like!!!  Can't tell the difference between the two even with a headset!!!

Teresa Teng (Deng Lijun) Lives!

Singaporean singer Xu Wen sings Teresa Teng's Mandarin Chinese classics, and it is as if Teresa herself has returned to life...

Above:  Teresa Teng (Deng Lijun)

Above:  Same song by Xu Wen of Singapore

hm...so true