29 April 2012

Hot, Hott, Hawt!

With 1.3 billion people, China has a lot of genetic diversity.  From this diversity comes Beauty and Talent.  Our hot babe below is 凌宜娴 or Ling Yixian in pinyin.  Miss Ling has it all:  light skin, gorgeous eyes, a statuesque nose and generous -- errh -- bosoms.  Who cares if she has got work done.  The chick is hot, hott, hawt!

Source:  http://www.redflava.com/


Anonymous said...

wowww so beatiful

taruhan bola online said...

yes it is right.
i guess chinese is perfect race.
they are smart, talented, and their faces were appealing, especially for the girl, i really like them.
thanks for share.