29 April 2013


from the Los Angeles Times

San Gabriel council deems itself judge over election results

Officials hold their own hearing — with sworn witnesses — to decide if the second-highest vote-getter should be seated because of a local-residency challenge.

April 27, 2013|By Frank Shyong, Los Angeles Times

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  • San Gabriel City Councilman-elect Chin Ho Liao listens to arguments during an administrative hearing to determine if he is a qualified to sit on the council.
San Gabriel City Councilman-elect Chin Ho Liao listens to arguments during… (Don Bartletti, Los Angeles…)
San Gabriel Councilman-elect Chin Ho Liao was the second highest vote-getter in the city's March elections, but his first time on the council dais last week was as a witness under cross-examination.
The City Council voted not to seat Liao after resident Fred Paine filed a complaint alleging that Liao's true residence is outside of the city's borders. Though Liao has filed suit in Los Angeles Superior Court to contest the council's vote, the city has also created its own hearing process to determine Liao's residency.
Many of Liao's supporters have accused the City Council of discriminating against Liao because of his race. More than 60% of San Gabriel's population is of Asian descent, and just two other council members of Asian descent have won seats since the city was incorporated in 1913.
Several reporters from Chinese-language media were among those who filled San Gabriel's rustic City Council chambers Thursday when it was transformed into a crude courtroom. Four council members became judges. A city clerk's desk briefly functioned as a makeshift witness stand, and the clerk herself swore in witnesses.
Over three days of contentious debate, attorneys presented battling explanations for Liao's changing residency status.
Liao had twice rented an apartment within city borders before running for City Council. After losing the first race in 2011, Liao returned to a home in an unincorporated neighborhood known as East San Gabriel before allegedly moving back to an apartment within the city's border.
Paine's attorney, Arnold Alvarez-Glasman, painted Liao's moves as cynical attempts to meet residency requirements for council office.
"He is merely a carpetbagger who has come in, time and time again, for the sole purpose of being seated up there next to you," Alvarez-Glasman said to the council. "This is not about politics, or ethnicity or race, or the people on the council. It's about the law."
Liao's testimony was alternately halting and emphatic as he admitted to splitting time between residences in and outside of the city borders. But he insisted that running for office was not the only reason behind the moves, pointing to deep community ties in San Gabriel. Both he and Paine are past presidents of the Rotary Club of San Gabriel, and Liao is listed on the club's website as the vice president.
"My heart is in San Gabriel. I'll live and die here," Liao said twice during testimony.
The Asian Pacific American Legal Center has represented Liao for free, calling questions about his residency "meritless" and warning that the council's actions threaten to disenfranchise Asian American voters.
Liao's attorney Nilay Vora said that Liao has always intended to move permanently to San Gabriel and argued that Liao was not simply renting apartments within city borders, that he was living in them as well.
Vora subpoenaed three neighbors who testified that they had met Liao, regularly saw his car parked at the building and heard his movements in the apartment through shared walls. Liao also submitted a receipt from a moving company and described his possessions, among other evidence.
Liao's moves, Vora argued, were partially the product of a troubled 25-year marriage.

Both Liao and his wife, Tracy Huang, admitted to "communication problems" during testimony. They slept in separate beds when they lived together, Huang said. She had no idea that Liao planned to run for office.

28 April 2013



source:  http://freudianslumber.wordpress.com/2009/11/14/lin-jue-mins-letter-of-farewell-to-my-wife-my-translation/


吾至爱汝,即此爱汝一念, 使吾勇于就死也。吾自遇汝以来,常愿天下有情人都成眷属;然遍地腥云,满街狼犬,称心快意,几家能彀?司马春衫,吾不能学太上之忘情也。语云:仁者“老吾 老,以及人之老;幼吾幼,以及人之幼”。吾充吾爱汝之心,助天下人爱其所爱,所以敢先汝而死,不顾汝也。汝体吾此心,于啼泣之余,亦以天下人为念,当亦乐 牺牲吾身与汝身之福利,为天下人谋永福也。汝其勿悲!
汝忆否?四五年前某夕,吾 尝语曰:“与使吾先死也,无宁汝先吾而死。”汝初闻言而怒,后经吾婉解,虽不谓吾言为是,而亦无词相答。吾之意盖谓以汝之弱,必不能禁失吾之悲,吾先死留 苦与汝,吾心不忍,故宁请汝先死,吾担悲也。嗟夫 ! !谁知吾卒先汝而死乎?吾真真不能忘汝也!回忆后街之屋,入门穿廊,过前后厅,又三四折,有小厅,厅旁一室,为吾与汝双□之所。初婚三四个月,适冬之望日 前后,窗外疏梅筛月影,依稀掩映;吾与(汝)并肩携手,低低切切,何事不语?何情不诉?及今思之,空余泪痕。又回忆六七年前,吾之逃家复归也,汝泣告我: “望今后有远行,必以告妾,妾愿随君行。”吾亦既许汝矣。前十余日回家,即欲乘便以此行之事语汝,及与汝相对,又不能启口,且以汝之有身也,更恐不胜悲, 故惟日日呼酒买醉。嗟夫!当时余心之悲,盖不能以寸管形容之。
吾诚愿与汝相守以死,第以 今日事势观之,天灾可以死,盗贼可以死,瓜分之日可以死,奸官污吏虐民可以死,吾辈处今日之中国,国中无地无时不可以死,到那时使吾眼睁睁看汝死,或使汝 眼睁睁看我死,吾能之乎?抑汝能之乎?即可不死,而离散不相见,徒使两地眼成穿而骨化石,试问古来几曾见破镜能重圆?则较死为苦也,将奈之何?今日吾与汝 幸双健。天下人之不当死而死与不愿离而离者,不可数计,钟情如我辈者,能忍之乎?此吾所以敢率性就死不顾汝也。吾今死无余憾,国事成不成自有同志者在。依 新已五岁,转眼成人,汝其善抚之,使之肖我。汝腹中之物,吾疑其女也,女必像汝,吾心甚慰。或又是男,则亦教其以父志为志,则我死后尚有二意洞在也。甚 幸,甚幸!吾家后日当甚贫,贫无所苦,清静过日而已。
吾平生未尝以吾所志语汝, 是吾不是处;然语之,又恐汝日日为吾担忧。吾牺牲百死而不辞,而使汝担忧,的的非吾所忍。吾爱汝至,所以为汝谋者惟恐未尽。汝幸而偶我,又何不幸而生今日 之中国!吾幸而得汝,又何不幸而生今日之中国!卒不忍独善其身。嗟夫!巾短情长,所未尽者,尚有万千,汝可以模拟得之。吾今不能见汝矣!汝不能舍吾,其时 时于梦中得我乎!一恸!辛未三月念六夜四鼓,意洞手书。

Yi Ying dearest:

With this letter I now bid you farewell! When I’m writing this letter now, I’m still a man in the land of the living; When you read this letter, I’ll be a ghost in the netherworld. As I’m writing this letter, teardrops fall down on the page along with ink. I almost put down my pen, I can hardly go on if it were not for fear that you misunderstand me and accuse me of being so heartless as to leave you alone or not knowing you don’t want me to die, so I have to overcome my sorrow and write these words to you.
I love you very much, and this same love allows me to boldly give up my life. Ever since I met you, I often wish all the lovers in this world can follow their hearts and form happy couples. However, the reality is bloodshed is spreading all over the land, wild beasts are running in every street, how many families can claim true happiness? Just as the Tang poet Bai Ju Yi whose robe was wet with tears when he saw the suffering of the people, neither can I stay unaffected like the ancient saints. An old saying goes: A benevolent person "respect his own seniors, then extends to respect others’ seniors, cherish his own children, then extends to cherish others’ children". I extend my love for you to help others love whom they love, that’s why I dare to die before you without regard to you. If you understand what I believe in, then besides crying for me, think on behalf of everyone as well, you should also be happy to sacrifice the happiness of you and I in order to strive for the eternal happiness of all the people. Don’t you be sad!
Do you remember? One evening four or five years ago, I told you: "Instead of letting me die first, I’d rather have you die first." At first you were mad when you heard this, but after I gently explained it, although you did not agree, you could not refute me either. What I meant was knowing your frail health, you definitely can not withstand the sorrow of losing me. I don’t have the heart to die first and leave all the sadness to you. So I’d rather hope that you die first and let me bear the sorrow. Sigh! Who knew I would die before you after all? I can never ever forget about you! I remember our residence in the back street, enter the gate, through the hallways, pass front room and back room, make three or four more corners, there is a small living room. Next to the small living room is a bedroom, and that is where you and I lived. Three or four months after we got married, it was just around mid November, outside of our window sparse plum branches cast shadows under the moonlight, each reflecting on the other. You and I were walking side by side, holding hands, whispering our deepest thoughts. What subject was off limits? What feelings went untold? When I think of this today, only tearstains remain. I also recall six or seven years ago, when I ran from home and returned again, you told me while weeping: "Hope the next time you go on a long trip, you must let me know, I would like to go along with you." I also did promise you so. A little more than ten days ago when I returned home, I intended to take the opportunity to tell you about this trip. But when I was facing you, again I could not open my mouth. Especially since you were pregnant, I was even more afraid you would not be able to bear the sadness, so all I could do was to yell for drinks everyday hoping to get drunk. Sigh! This pen can never hope to do justice to the sorrow in my heart back then.
I certainly wish to stick together with you until we die, but based on the current state of affairs, natural disasters can kill us, robbers and burglars can kill us, invaders dividing the country can kill us, corrupt officials abusing the people can kill us. Our generation lives in present day China where anytime and any place we may die. By then either let me helplessly watch you die, or let you helplessly watch me die, can I allow that? Or can you allow that? Even if we can escape death, but if we are separated physically and can not see each other, hopeless even when our eyes have blinded from looking for one another and our bones have turned into stone, may I ask since olden times when you’ve ever seen a broken mirror turn into whole again? So this is worse than dying, what can we do then? Today you and I are fortunate to be both living, yet there are countless people in the world who died when they should not have died or separated when they did not wish to be separated. As people who cherish love, can we permit this to happen? This is why I can give up my life so easily without regard to you. I have no regrets when I die now, the success of the national movement will be left to my comrades. Yi Xin is already five years old, before long he will be grown up, I hope you raise him well, make him grow to be like me. The little one in your womb, I suspect is a girl, a girl will surely take after you, I feel very gratified. Or maybe it’s a boy, then also teach him to follow his father’s aspirations, so after I die there will still be two of me around. Rejoice! Rejoice! In the future our household will surely be stricken with poverty, but there is no sadness to being poor, only getting along quietly, that is all.
Now I have no more to say to you. If I hear your wails from far away in the nether world, I ought to answer with wails of my own. I don’t normally believe in ghosts, but now I wish they really exist. Nowadays people also claim there are ways of telepathy, I too wish this claim is true. Then when I die, my spirit, reluctant to leave, can still accompany you so you don’t feel sad from losing your spouse.
In this life I never told you about my aspirations, this is my fault; But if I tell you, I fear you will worry about me everyday. I can sacrifice my life for the country a hundred times without passing the chance, but causing you worries really isn’t something my heart can bear. I love you to the extreme, so I’m always afraid I have not thought of everything for you. You are fortunate to marry me, but why are you so unfortunate as to be living in today’s China! I am fortunate to marry you, but why am I so unfortunate as to be living in today’s China! In the end I can not bear to just perfect myself. Sigh! The handkerchief is short and the feelings are long, there are thousands of words left to say, you can come up with the rest by yourself based on what’s here. I can no longer see you now! You can not let me go, maybe you will see me in your dream from time to time! 

What great sorrow! March 26, 1911 past midnight, handwritten by Yi Dong 

All our aunts at home are proficient in written words, if there are places where you are unclear, please ask them to explain, it’s best to understand fully what I meant.

26 April 2013

USA Desperate for Cheaters, Scoundrels and Poor People from Mexico


The Daily Caller reports today that the USA is desperately seeking poor Mexicans for its food stamps program.  In other words, too much money has been allocated to the program, and bureaucrats are scrambling for clients, even if it means importing cheaters, scoundrels and poor people from Mexico.

Michael Savage is right:  Liberalism is a mental disorder.

UPDATE:  A similar article from Breitbart.com:


16 April 2013

China's Mighty People's Liberation Army (Renmin Jiefangjun)

From the BBC

China 'reveals army structure' in defence white paper

Members of the People's Liberation Army guard of honour, 15 April 2013 China's increased military spend has worried many of its neighbours

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China has revealed the structure of its military units, in what state-run media describe as a first.
The army has a total of 850,000 soldiers, while the navy and air force have a strength of 235,000 and 398,000, China said in its defence white paper.
The paper also criticised the US's expanded military presence in the Asia Pacific, saying it had exacerbated regional tensions.
China's defence budget rose by 11.2% in 2012, exceeding $100bn (£65bn).
The defence white paper, which state media describe as China's 8th since 1998, emphasised China's "unshakable national commitment... to take the road of peaceful development".


China's People's Liberation Army is on a fast path to modernisation. Following years of double-digit budget increases, the military has acquired submarines and naval destroyers. Aircraft carriers and Chinese-made fighter planes are in development. In 2010, technology to destroy missiles in mid-air was tested.
Now, it seem the generals have forged a new marketing strategy.
In its latest white paper, the defence ministry takes pains to outline the PLA's work relating to peacekeeping and natural disasters.
It confirms information on the military's structure that previously was only available from analysts outside mainland China: The names of the PLA's divisions and brigades and the numbers of active personnel they contain, in addition to the missile line-up.
Of course, the PLA is far from an open book; a great deal of information is still classified. However, the bid to come across as a modern, professional military with nothing to hide marks a change from times past.
According to the white paper, China's ever-expanding military follows one over-arching principle: "We will not attack unless we are attacked; but we will surely counter-attack if attacked."
However, it highlighted "multiple and complicated security threats" facing China, and China's need to protect its "national unification, territorial integrity and development interests".
'Strategic deterrence' The white paper reveals details of China's military structure. According to state-run news agency Xinhua, this is the first time such information has been disclosed publicly.
Correspondents say this appears to be part of an effort, on the part of the Chinese military, to become more transparent.
The territorial army has 18 combined corps in seven military area commands: Beijing, Nanjing, Chengdu, Guangzhou, Shenyang, Lanzhou, and Jinan.
The air force has 398,000 personnel and an air command in the same seven military areas, while the navy commands three fleets: the Beihai Fleet, the Donghai Fleet and the Nanhai Fleet, the paper said.
The paper also describes the role of China's second artillery force, which contains China's nuclear and conventional missile forces.
The force is crucial to China's "strategic deterrence", and is "primarily responsible for deterring other countries from using nuclear weapons against China, and carrying out nuclear counterattacks and precision strikes with conventional missiles," the paper said.
Maritime disputes The paper also criticised the US's increased presence in the region.
"The US is adjusting its Asia-Pacific security strategy," it said, adding later that "some country has strengthened its Asia-Pacific military alliances... and frequently makes the situation there tenser."
The US has increased its military presence in Asia in recent years, as part of President Barack Obama's "pivot to Asia".
File photo: Diaoyu islands, 2 September 2012 The disputed islands are the source of frequent diplomatic tension between China and Japan
The white paper also addresses "issues concerning China's territorial sovereignty and maritime rights", criticising Japan for "making trouble over the issue of the Diaoyu Islands".
The islands, known as Senkaku in Japan and Diaoyu in China, are controlled by Japan but claimed by both China and Taiwan.
Separately, the paper describes "'Taiwan independence' separatist forces" as the biggest threat to cross-Straits relations.
Taiwan is an island which has for all practical purposes been independent since 1950. However, China views the island as a rebel region that must be reunited with the mainland - by force if necessary.

15 April 2013

Brilliant Cover of Pink's "Just Give Me a Reason"

This is a difficult song to cover because of the high notes.  These Youtube singers did a phenomenal job!!

10 April 2013

Jerry Goes Begging in China

Governor Jerry Brown goes to China this week to beg for foreign direct investment (FDI) for bankrupt California.

China has generously agreed to help out Moonbeam...