29 September 2014

Down with Traitorous HK Protesters!

For 150 years, the running dogs of Hong Kong had obediently accepted harsh British rule without question.  The Governor of Hong Kong was appointed by the unelected Queen of England. There was no legislative body.  The Governor was the law.

Now young running dogs of imperialism in Hong Kong are demanding so-called democracy.  They are egged on and funded by MI-6, the CIA, and the Kuomintang (KMT) of Taiwan, all of whom fear China's rise and seek to destabilize it.

Hong Kongers have enjoyed legislative representation in the form the Hong Kong Legislative Council.  And unlike the Governor of British Hong Kong, the Chief Executive, under China's generous "one country, two systems," is elected by an electoral college of 1,200 men and women.

Clearly, the troublemakers are out to destroy for the sake of destruction.  Some are even seen waving the old British colonial flag!  Such insolence!  Such traitorous behaviour!

Alas, the Chinese government is strongly supported by its 1.3 billion people, and in fact, the majority of the people of Hong Kong is opposed to the thuggish mobs rallying in central Hong Kong.

Foreign penetrators and evil saboteurs SHALL NOT SUCCEED.  Aiwo Zhonghua!

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