09 September 2013

UPDATE: Sadly...Diva Hyon Song Wol is Probably Dead...RIP

Although they promised to produce evidence on 9/9/13 showing that Hyon Song Wol and her band mates remain alive, North Korean Youtubers could/would not.

So we conclude that the Choson Ilbo (朝鲜日報 in Chinese) is probably correct in suggesting that Ms. Hyon and her band mates were machine-gunned to death in front of their families and friends.  Their crime:  putative pornography.

Recently, Chinese netizens pointed to a video of beautiful, young North Korean women dancing -- the kind of dancing that high school and college cheerleaders perform openly every day in North America.  They surmise that it was this type of "dirty dancing" that did Hyon Song Wol and her friends in.

Unless something else breaks, this piece concludes the Fairbank Report's extensive coverage on the murders of Hyon Song Wol and her band mates...

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Anonymous said...

How do u know she ain't just retired from music? Or run away to China?