26 September 2013

NHK > Arirang TV

Rival states Japan and South Korea both have English-speaking TV channels in order to reach out/propagandize to the rest of the world.  The problem with Korea's Arirang TV is that they don't have any adults in charge. They rely on pretty faces who are NOT ready for prime time.  These beautiful faces, who are all under 35 years old, speak terrible English, stutter, cannot ad lib, and always wear a deer-in-headlight countenance on their faces.  Arirang TV has the look and feel of a dorm room production.

Contrast Arirang TV to Japan's NHK World.  The anchors on NHK news programs speak flawless English.  More importantly, their presentation skills are honed from years of experience.  These are seasoned PROFESSIONALS who have had significant broadcast journalism experience. Experience matters.  Looks don't.

So a note to South Korea's Arirang TV:  Learn from NHK World and make your production less amateur.

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