30 September 2012

Our Favourite Girl on 非诚勿扰 Finally Accepted a Lucky Bastard!

Feicheng Wurao -- 非诚勿扰 -- is a wildly popular dating show in Mainland China.  Unlike Western dating shows which emphasize prurient sexual innuendos and indeed sex acts on TV, Feicheng Wurao stresses values, innocent fun, and relationship-building.  That's why the programme is so popular in China, East Asia, and even in the USA among more serious and mature people.

Anyway, my favourite girl on the programme, Xie Yuyi, finally chose a guy.  Miss Xie is tall, has porcelain complexion, a beautiful white smile, and the physique of a goddess.  In fact, I have often wondered why she did not choose to become a model.  

The guy came specifically for her, and she accepted him.  He's a good-looking kid, even if he's somewhat nerdy and tongue-tied!

Interestingly, in the same episode, Miss Xie left her light on for a peasant dude, who was stupid enough to turn her down based on some putative grand scheme to save humanity.  I am 90%  certain that Peasant Dude was a plant from the Chinese Communist Party. The Party has, in the past, criticized the girls on the programme for being too materialistic and gold-digging.  

During her tenure on the programme, Xie Yuyi was pursued by so many good-looking, successful, and wealthy nanjiabings, and she invariably turned every single one of them down. 

There were times when I thought Miss Xie was a bit arrogant because she always had this long face when someone whom she did not like had selected her as his chosen dream girl. The fact that she was moved by the peasant dude's life story convinces me that she's not that snobby.  That she suggested that the prize money be donated to charity was a good move, at least a good PR gesture.

I will miss you dearly, Xie Yuyi.  What a beautiful and lovely creature you are!  Hope the nerd treats you well...

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