27 September 2012


Chee Soon Juan remits $30K to Official Assignee
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Singapore Democrats

Dr Chee Soon Juan went to the Insolvent Persons and Trustees Office (IPTO) today to remit the $30,000 to settle his case with Mr Lee Kuan Yew and Mr Goh Chok Tong. He was accompanied by SDP members and supporters.

The amount was raised in less than two weeks through the sales of his books as well as donations.

The IPTO officials said that upon receiving the money, it will forward the funds to Mr Lee and Mr Goh, and the two former prime ministers will take a formal vote to agree to annul the bankruptcy order.

According to Ms Lydia Loh from the IPTO, the Official Assignee will then take the decision to officially annul the bankruptcy order. The entire process will take one to two months.

Dear Ms Lydia Loh,

I wish to inform you that I have remitted $30,000 to the IPTO today, 27 September 2012, in full settlement of my case with Mr Lee Kuan Yew and Mr Goh Chok Tong.

I would be grateful if the OA would do the necessary to annul my bankruptcy order. Thank you.

Chee Soon Juan

Total comments: 3
3 maxchew   (Today 9:12 AM)
And that $30k includes the $60 from me, a poor Govt retiree with a pension of $1k p.m. which has never increased for the past 25 years. What is more galling is a poor man's money getting into the pockets of 2 billionaires. Even if they fwd the $30k to charity, they would be getting the credit, not Dr CSJ nor me! Uniquely Singapore!

2 barla   (Today 8:17 AM)
Aiyah,Dr chee knowledge and wisdom is just slightly above average,It's just that the PAP is just too dull,hence you noticed the contrast!

1 Nick Lim   (Yesterday 11:56 PM)
Bravo, Dr Chee. Kudos to your perseverance, determination, principles and spirit.
Read your all your books, including the latest one. What you have written about the difference between "rule by laws" and "rules of law" is highly illuminating.
Your knowledge and wisdom are amazing, way above many of those in PAP.

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