10 June 2012

White Teachers in Asia

Over the last 20 years, the demand for English language teachers in the Pacific-Asia region has reached unparalleled heights.  The re-emergence of China as the global hegemon helps to fuel much of this demand.  

However, this demand is for white teachers only -- under the guise of "native English speakers." As any Asian-American can tell you, even a US-born Asian-American Harvard graduate will find it difficult to find a language-teaching job in Asia.  On the other hand, any hairy white guy with crooked teeth (even if he's a heavily accented Frenchman or German) will get many offers regardless of qualifications.

The result of this ignorance and self-hate is a large number of child molesters, drug addicts, and the usual perverts from North America and Europe rushing to Asia to become teachers on the side while practicing their indecent trades on the main.  Let's face it:  If you have talents or skills, why teach English in Asia for $500 - $1,000 a month?  Yes, even in the current mini-depression, talented folks will find decent jobs in the USA, and to a lesser extent, in Europe.

So Asian parents unwittingly shell out thousands of dollars every year, much of which are borrowed from banks or families, only to get their innocent children molested or addicted to porn and drugs.

We would say it's just dessert if only it isn't so sad...

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