25 June 2012



Source:  http://fmnnow.com/2012/06/25/forced-abortion-on-7-month-pregnancy-family-of-victim-accused-being-traitors/

Forced abortion on 7-month pregnancy: family of victim accused being “traitors”

The banners say “beat the traitors, expel from Zengjia Town.”
Shaanxi, China – Feng Jianmei, 23, was previously pregnant for 7 months but forced into an abortion by her local family planning officials. Feng’s husband Deng Jiyuan accepted an interview of German Media recently, local government put out banners saying Deng’s family being “traitors” and kick them out of town.
Yang Jiang, a journalist from Xinmin Weekly who recently interviewed Deng said that Deng and his family had no intention to contact any foreign media regarding the incident. Deng didn’t ask for any compensations but insisted on getting justification on the responsible personnel of local family planning commission. Given no answers from local officials, Deng accepted an interview from a German media. “We didn’t accept the interview from the Japanese, and had no intention to speak with the German media either. Our local government dragged the case for a very long time, my sister-in-law only talked about the process of her induction of labor. Our country is very good, it’s the individual who harms.” Deng’s sister said.
Local government put out banners said “Beat the traitor, expel from Zengjia town” outside Deng’s house as Deng’s decision talking to a foreign media. Deng has lost contact since he last talked with the media, and everyone in his family is now being tailed.
Zhang Kai, a lawyer who offered legal to Deng’s family, said on his social site that Deng’s family was not only accused of being “traitors”, but also surround by relatives who serve in local government trying to persuade them to give up. More than 10 people guarded at the hospital, following them everywhere, making sure they are not leaving town.
In a recent interview of Feng Jianmei’s forced abortion, Deng said he would not accept interviews of foreign media, as the incident was referred as “China’s own matter”. On June 20,2012,  Deng’s family said they were so incensed by the delay of local government and they would take legal process and going to Beijing for an interview. Deng didn’t update online and lost contact since. FMN

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