28 January 2011

USD4,000 for her virginity

From the Korea Times 1/28/2011

A Chinese woman has taken to the street in an attempt to sell her virginity.

The woman, who declared unmarried at 30, said, "I want to meet my prince who is charming," but was forced to return home with little more than the stern glares of passers-by.

According to a Chinese news portal site, a long-haired woman in a yellow jacket attracted a barrage of criticism on the street of Wenzhou in Zhejiang province, Jan. 25 in local time.

"I am selling my virginity for 25,800 yuan," the woman's pink placard reads, stating a figure equivalent to around 4.3 million won. Revealing little about herself other than her age and marital status, the woman silently waited for a man from the streets to approach her.

She attracted significant attention as ordinary people on the street took photos with their camera phones; however, hardly any men seemed to indicate any intention of fulfilling the woman's wishes.

When a reporter on the scene asked the woman what had driven her to such action, she replied, "A friend who has watched me being single for a long time gave me some advice. She said that if I demonstrated some courage, I might increase my chances of meeting a nice man. That is why I have come to be here doing this today."

The woman endured the sharp stares of other people in the street before eventually being restrained and sent home by the guards employed at a nearby bank.

"By offering her body for a clearly stated price, the woman was engaging in illegal prostitution and, if caught again, may be arrested," said a police officer.

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