29 August 2013

RIP Hyon Song Wol (玄松月)... You're in a Better Place Now...

Above:  The late Hyon Song Wol singing her 2005 hit, "Excellent, horse-like lady."

Little Kim is really out to prove himself.  First, he executed a Pyongyang (party animal) cadre with a missile and now a great, beautiful singer by firing squad.  Worse than his daddy and grand-pappy...

From USA Today:

A jarring report out of North Korea that claims Kim Jong Un's former girlfriend was executed by a firing squad last week.

Chosun Ilbo,an English language newspaper in South Korea, said unnamed sources in China told it that Hyon Song Wol (of "Electric Horse-Lady" fame) was arrested on Aug. 17 along with about a dozen others; Hyon was a singer, and a number of the others were members of the Unhasu Orchestra.

They were accused of making a sex tape and selling it and were shot three days later for violating the country's pornography laws. A source said some allegedly had Bibles in their possession, and all were treated as political dissidents.

The report has not been independently verified by other media outlets. Chosun Ilbo is one of Seoul's main daily newspapers.

More on Hyon Song Wol (玄松月) can be found at http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Hyon_Song-wol .

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