26 October 2012

Kim Jong-un Style!

 Party animal North Korean official spared rope, executed by mortar

20 hrs ago
A senior North Korean government official has reportedly been executed by mortar fire for the crime of partying during the official grieving period for former leader Kim Jong-Il. Considered such a heinous infringement by King Jong-un, who took the reins of the depressing Communist dictatorship following his father's death, the "crime" meant plain old firing squad was deemed too good for military vice minister Kim Chol. Kim Jong-un reportedly demanded there be "no trace of him [left] behind, down to his hair," and so the minister was placed in a spot pre-targeted by mortar and "obliterated." Pundits are saying Kim Chol's execution is part of a greater purge in North Korea, with the dispatch of 14 senior officials so far this year. [Source]

Source:  http://now.msn.com/kim-chol-north-korean-army-official-executed-by-mortar

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