30 July 2012

Racist Whiteys Attack China's Ye Shiwen's Superb Performance

by Bian-lian Huang
Chinese swimming sensation, Ye Shiwen (葉詩文), is so strong that she even beat putative American strongman Ryan Lockte.  That a Chinese person, let alone a girl of 16, can defeat a putative white "Olympian" has gotten racists in a tissy.  Both the American and British media have accused Ye of doping WITHOUT presenting an ounce of evidence.

Ah, as the Chinese say, hongyanbing (红眼病, "the red-eye disease,") -- in other words, jealousy -- is so pathetic.  When girly white men can't defeat a sensational Chinese beauty, they resort to character assassination.  Pa-the-tic!

Let us remind these racists that this is not your grandpas' China or Chinese!  We have stood up!  Qi lai!

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