15 August 2011

Fairbank: Fullerton Mayor, City Council, City Manager and Police Chief MUST RESIGN FORTHWITH!!!!

Source:  http://blog.alexanderhiggins.com/2011/07/27/6-police-taser-beat-death-gentle-mentally-ill-43171/

The photo above shows the injuries sustained by Kelly Thomas, homeless man described as a gentle and mentally-ill man, who was the victim of a police beating by 6 Fullerton police officers.

Corporate news coverage of the event downplays the prospect of police brutality or foul play in the incident.

ABC video report on the eyewitness statements and recently a released video of the beating captured by a bystander, both attached to this page below, contradict the official story of the incident given by the police.

The LA Times report on the incident, however, echoes the official police story failing to report within the article itself the claims from eyewitnesses.

As shown in the ABC video below, witnesses report that the man was not resisting arrest. They tell ABC he was actually knocked unconscious while the police continued to beat him and scream at him to stop resisting.

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