18 July 2011

The Qing Dynasty -- Aixinjueluo -- Lives & Visits New Jersey!!!!!!

Mayor McCormac Honors Hengyi Aixinjueluo for Excellence in the Arts

Thursday, 12 May 2011 18:55

The Office of Mayor and the Municipal Council for the Township of Woodbridge honors and recognizes artisans who embody the best qualities of their craft through painting, music, dance, literature, language and history.

The Barron Arts Center recently served as host for the American Chinese Culture & Art Center‘s Chinese New Year Concert and Art Exhibit which offered an exhibition of Chinese art, music, and culture. Hengyi Aixinjueluo, descendant of the Qing Dynasty, China’s last royal family, is a renowned artist and painter, who had the rare opportunity to learn from storied Chinese classical painters.

Hengyi Aixinjueluo combined the courtly tradition of Chinese brushwork and ink with modern technique to form a unique, yet traditional style of painting, and the artistic work of Hengyi Aixinjueluo has been exhibited in shows throughout the United States and Asia.

Hengyi Aixinjueluo honors the Township of Woodbridge through the presentation of her artwork for public display.

Mayor John E. McCormac greets Hengyi Aixinjueluo, internationally renowned Chinese artist, and Chinese art delegation at a Town Hall ceremony. Artist Hengyi Aixinjueluo presented her Chinese Brush Art painting “The Eagle” to Woodbridge Township as part of a cultural exchange program hosted by The Barron Arts Center.

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