25 December 2009


mmm... Isn't ghetto thuggery grand?
Source: Associated Press

26 Asian High School Students Attacked

Police Have Not Yet Made Arrests

PHILADELPHIA - More than two dozen Chinese-American students at South Philadelphia High School say they were attacked this week in school and off of school property.

Now, officials have added more security at the school, located at Broad Street and Snyder Avenue, and they're promising zero tolerance.

A heavy police presence was evident as officials denounced the violence that saw 26 students attacked and 10 students suspended for the fights. Several students were treated at the hospital after the attacks.

Officials say they've been working with the Asian-American community and other groups at the school over the past year to try and quell some of the hostility. They say violence is down over 50 percent from last year.

South Philadelphia High School says they will continue to have tight security and hold an open dialogue with students and their parents as they try to avoid any further violence.

Police have not made any arrests, but officials said they will seek to have any students involved in the attacks prosecuted.

Fox 29's Dave Schratwieser said the students are living in fear and afraid to go back to school, even with the additional security measures.

James Golden is the chief safety executive for the Philadelphia School District. He says there have been strenuous efforts to improve race relations and cultural awareness and a positive learning environment previals.

But Xu Lin of the Philadelphia Chinatown Development Corporation disputes that. He says his efforts to facilitate community meetings and cultural training at the school have been largely ignored.

South Philadelphia High School is 70 percent black and 18 percent Asian. It serves mostly low-income neighborhoods south of downtown and has been labeled "persistently dangerous" by the state.

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