18 September 2007

Cal State University Staff Relies on Free Food to Survive; System Executives to Get 12% Raise, Bringing Avg Executive Pay to $270K

From http://csueu9.blogspot.com/

Earlier today, Rich McGee, Chair of Bargaining Unit 9, addressed the Board of Trustees' Committee on Collective Bargaining as they met in open session. Here he describes his remarks:

I introduced myself, and thanked the Trustees for the privilege of speaking with them today. I then congratulated Dr. Al Karnig, the President at CSU San Bernardino, for having the courage to tell the truth about PeopleSoft. Yesterday, during his Fall convocation speech, President Karnig blamed "difficulties with the implementation of PeopleSoft" as one of the reasons that the enrollment is low at CSUSB. I informed the Trustees that PeopleSoft has not made the campuses more productive, and that in fact tasks that used to take moments now take a very long time. For example, one person used to be able to perform over 250 student advisements in the course of a day. Now, they can do 30, or less, in the same amount of time. The system just isn't working! Ask your students, ask your staff; they will tell you the truth.

Regarding the compensation issue, I said that rather than give them dry figures and numbers, I preferred to use an actual example. At CSU San Bernardino, there is an ASA-2 who has a medical disability, and must use an electric wheelchair. She loves her job, and does it very well. Last night, both she and her husband attended the President's evening convocation celebration. But they only attended because there was food being offered. If they hadn't gone, they wouldn't have eaten dinner, as they have only 3 bottles of water and a single loaf of bread left to last them for the remainder of the month.

To have a staff member at any university having to depend upon free food in order to eat? That's just shameful.

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