19 April 2006

Holy Matrimony or Economic Imperialism?

Art Bell and his new bride

By Monroe Chang

I am a fan of Art Bell and his highly rated radio program. I am also in favor of free love and such. But for a rich white man in his sixties to marry a poor 21-year old Filipina girl smacks of control and imperialism. Yes, Art is a very nice bloke, and the recent loss of his wife, Ramona, is very sad and tragic indeed.

Yet, it does not change the fact that a rich, older white man is arbitraging the marriage/sex market in a Third World country. Indeed, it is quite an "in" thing to do. The Mayor of Los Angeles County married a Chinese girl young enough to be his grand-daughter, as did the Sheriff of Los Angeles County. (What's going on with LA County politicians and young Chinese girls?!)

I am, by no means, objecting to such "transactions." I am just raising (moral) questions that ought not be ignored under the guise of "free love."

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