02 November 2005

Joe Sixpack v Illegal Immigration

By William Barker-Finch

Mr. Barker-Finch is a free-lance writer based in Claremont, California.

When Poncho Villa and his gang of bandits crossed the sparsely populated Arizona and New Mexico border areas to raid on American towns and hamlets, President Woodrow Wilson sent in federal troops to defend American citizens and American sovereignty. Yesterday, we hear from the Border Patrol that the number of attacks against its agents by both the illegal aliens and their smugglers has skyrocketed over the last few years. Yet, we hear nothing from the Executive Mansion except that they would like to have a “guest-worker” program, which will undoubtedly spur on more illegal immigration and thus more attacks against our small cadre of border patrol agents.

The purposeful neglect of border enforcement has gone on for years through both Democratic and Republican presidential administrations. Amidst the constant bickering over Iraq and taxes, it appears that there is one common thread linking the two political parties: the support of an open border policy.

Democrats believe that more poor, uneducated, unsophisticated and diseased immigrants mean more Democratic voters in the future. In fact, Democrats don’t have to wait that long as there is ample evidence that illegal immigrants have voted in certain crucial local and national elections. Republicans, at the national level, represent the interests of big business—the big farm concerns, construction firms, food processing firms and other labor-intensive industries. These corporate fat cats want cheap and docile labor to boost their (already obscene) corporate profits.

At the same time, no party represents Joe Sixpack. He is burdened with high taxes to pay for the social services provided to illegal aliens. In fact, Joe has become the de facto benefits administrator-cum-payer for corporate America. Meanwhile, his middle class job is threatened with overseas outsourcing, and for those service jobs that cannot be easily outsourced, Joe is being undercut by unskilled, low-wage illegal immigrants. Joe’s schools have been so over-run with illegals that he has to put his kids in private school, which is another expense he can ill afford. His neighborhood, too, has been overtaken by illegals who live 19 to a room, which by the way is the allowable standard in the immigrant-dominant City of Santa Ana, California. And at 6 AM this morning just as he is about to put in another 12-hour day, Joe is rear-ended by an illegal who has no license and of course no automobile insurance. Another $500 out of Joe’s pocket for the deductible.

But there is a quiet and growing movement afoot to help out Joe Sixpack. In the wee hours of the night, patriotic radio hosts and Internet bloggers on sites like this are engaging in a revolution to reclaim the American government by educating the public about this problematic issue. The open-border Dems and Reps currently in power won’t know what hit them. They will still be talking about driver’s license and welfare for illegal immigrants when they are finally thrown out from Joe’s House of Representatives and Joe’s Senate.

Patience, Joe. Patience. Help is on the way…

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